June 16, 2012: FC Buffalo

June 16, 2012
NPSL Regular Season
Cass Tech High School, Detroit, MI

Detroit City FC 3, FC Buffalo 0
DCFC Keith Lough (Knox Cameron) 19′
DCFC David Dwaihy (Kyle Bethel) 69′
DCFC Kyle Bethel (Keith Lough) 90′

Attendance: 1,429

A new attendance record of 1,429 cheer on another clean sheet for Le Rouge.

Let’s get this party started.

DSC08694 DSC08695 DSC08696 DSC08697 DSC08699

The starting eleven.


DSC08701 DSC08703 DSC08706 DSC08707 DSC08711 DSC08712

The Situation Room:  I believe this is the first visit
by an opposing team’s supporters’ group.



DSC08717DSC08718 DSC08721 DSC08722DSC08726DSC08724 DSC08728DSC08731DSC08733DSC08740 DSC08742 DSC08743 DSC08745 DSC08746

One – Nil.

DSC08749 DSC08750 DSC08751


DSC08755 DSC08757 DSC08763DSC08768 DSC08770 DSC08771DSC08769DSC08772 DSC08774DSC08781 DSC08782DSC08775DSC08783 DSC08784 DSC08785 DSC08792DSC08793 DSC08794 DSC08795DSC08819 DSC08826 DSC08827 DSC08837 DSC08843DSC08847 DSC08849

Post game wrap-up.

DSC08850 DSC08851 DSC08852 DSC08854


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