July 11, 2014: Fort Pitt Regiment

July 11, 2014
NPSL Regular Season
Cass Tech High School, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit City FC 3, Fort Pitt Regiment 1
PITT Lamine Balde (Michael Tuohy) 26′
DCFC Latif Alashe 56′
DCFC Shawn Lawson (T.J. Van Slooten) 72′
DCFC T.J. Van Slooten 90′

Attendance:  3,398

The team’s first sell-out and new attendance record with 400 or so folks turned away at the gate.  Fort Pitt considered ruining the party and final home game of the season for Le Rouge when Lamine Balde scored in the 25th minute.  They took the 1-0 lead with them into the locker room at half time.

The second half was completely different.

Latif Alashe scored in a goal-mouth scramble in the 56th minute to level the score.  Then, Shawn Lawson scored the prettiest goal of the season and probably in the history of Detroit City FC, carving through a couple of defenders and the keeper for the highlight reel game-winning tally (captured by NGS) in the 72nd minute.  T. J. Van Slooten scored in added time to hammer the final nail in the Fort Pitt coffin.


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DSC06022 DSC06023 DSC06038 DSC06042 DSC06046 DSC06047 DSC06051 DSC06054 DSC06055 DSC06059 DSC06063 DSC06064 DSC06069 DSC06071 DSC06073 DSC06084 DSC06089 DSC06099 DSC06108 DSC06128

This was an important win.  A loss in Buffalo prior to this match, plus the win, made Sunday’s matinee in Lansing extremely important.  Detroit’s 8-2-3 record of 26 points against Lansing’s 8-3-2 record of 27 points put City in a must-win situation in order to grab first place and advance to the playoffs.

Tonight I placed myself within the cauldron of the Northern Guard Supporters section, and with these videos, I bring you with me.

Singing “Detroit City, We Love You So”

Chanting “DC (clap clap) FC”

Sharing a chant with the other side of the pitch.

After scoring our first goal to tie the game at 1-1. We Score,We Shout, And Then We Smoke You Out!

Celebrating Shawn Lawson’s brilliant goal to put DCFC ahead 2-1.

Doing the Tetris from within the Northern Guard Supporters Section. Warning, I am actually doing the tetris so there is a lot of movement in this video. Some may feel a little sea sick while viewing.

Celebrating the third goal from within the Northern Guard Supporters Section. There’s going to be a party in Detroit, no one’s sleeping tonight!


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