June 28, 2015: Lansing United

June 28, 2015
NPSL Regular Season
Cass Tech High School, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit City FC 1, Lansing United 0
DCFC  Will Mellors-Blair 39′

Attendance:  3,701

Lansing United came into Detroit undefeated and on top of the league.  They went home defeated and in third place.
A record crowd of 3,701 witnessed the beautiful goal by Will Mellors-Blair…


…a crucial save by Alexandre Bouillennec, and 90 minutes of a competitive soccer match.

It also saw the return of Friendly the Bear!


On with the show.

DSC09914 DSC09915 DSC09916 DSC09918 DSC09920 DSC09921 DSC09922 DSC09925 DSC09927 DSC09929 DSC09931 DSC09932 DSC09933 DSC09934 DSC09936 DSC09938 DSC09939 DSC09941 DSC09943 DSC09944 DSC09945 DSC09947 DSC09949 DSC09950 DSC09952 DSC09953 DSC09956 DSC09959 DSC09964 DSC09969 DSC09970 DSC09971 DSC09974 DSC09976 DSC09983

DSC09991 DSC09998DSC00005 DSC00006 DSC00010 DSC00013 DSC00014 DSC00015 DSC00016 DSC00020 DSC00022 DSC00023 DSC00024 DSC00026 DSC00029 DSC00035 DSC00036 DSC00041 DSC00043 DSC00044 DSC00045 DSC00047

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