May 27, 2018: at FC Indiana

May 27, 2018
NPSL Regular Season
Legacy Sports Club, Lafayette, IN

FC Indiana 0, Detroit City FC 11
DCFC  Stephen Carroll (Danny Deakin) 14′
DCFC  Danny Deakin 21′
DCFC  Roddy Green (Adan Garcia) 30′
DCFC  Shawn Lawson 31′
DCFC  Danny Deakin 43′
DCFC  Trevor Amann 58′
DCFC  Rafael Mentzingen (Trevor Amann) 71′
DCFC  Brogan Shrimpton (Adan Garcia) 74′
DCFC  Brogan Shrimpton (Rafael Mentzingen) 76′
DCFC  Rafael Mentzingen 79′
DCFC  Brogan Shrimpton 80′

Attendance: ? (I probably could have counted everyone present).

FC Indiana.  Last year’s experience was so much fun.  But instead of making a long day of it driving there and back, I went a day early and spent the night.  It gave me a chance to do a little sight-seeing in Lafayette.


After I checked in, I made my way downtown.  Of course, if there’s a book store, that’s a must-see.  And Von’s was not disappointing at all.  A huge inventory worth perusing.  But I was also hungry from the long drive, and spotted an Indian restaurant that had a lovely buffet.

My mouth’s watering just recalling how good everything on that plate was.

The next day, after hanging out with the Rouge Rovers at Digby’s, it was on to the cornfield for the match.


As it grew closer to game time, the hotter it got.  FC Indiana’s organization was better prepared for us than last year.

And as the afternoon’s heat began to sizzle and burn, so, too, did my camera and Detroit City FC.  The new Pentax K-70 turned itself off a few times to prevent itself from overheating.  Fortunately, I brought the reliable Sony as well. But City?  Oh did they burn up the field.  If this were a hockey game, the FC Indiana keeper would have had a burn on the back of his neck, not because of the sun, but because of the red light behind the goal’s continued flashing.

Stephen Carroll opened the scoring in the 14th minute…

After Danny Deakin doubled the score in the 21st minute, Roddy Green made it three-nil in the 30th minute.

Shawn Lawson and Danny Deakin closed out the half with goals in the 31st and 43rd minutes, respectively, giving City a 5-0 halftime lead.

Nothing was putting this fire out.  Trevor Amann added a sixth at the 58th minute.


Rafa Mentzingen made the extra-point in the 71st minute.  Detroit City 7, FC Indiana 0.

Three minutes later, Adan Garcia drives down the right side, pulling the keeper towards him, then sends a pass to the wide open Brogan Shrimpton.  8-0.

Shrimpton added another just two minutes later.  9-0.

In the 79th minute, Rafa Mentzingen scored, and the Rouge Rovers had something new to chant.

In the 80th minute, Brogan Shrimpton completed his hat-trick.  In the span of ten minutes, City scored five goals, three of them by Shrimpton.


The day that Detroit City FC goes pro will be a great one.  The only downside will be these weekends where we play at Keyworth before over 5,000 fans, then come here in less than 48 hours where Rouge Rovers outnumber the local fans, in a cozy field.


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