Detroit City FC (W) vs Midwest United FC

June 28, 2022
USL-W League Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Going to the dogs

According to, the phrase “going to the dogs” dates back to the 1500s when food no longer suitable for human consumption would be given to dogs for nourishment (they didn’t have Purina, Pedigree, or Blue Buffalo back then).  But over time, the idiom took on the meaning of a person, place, or thing whose well-being was deteriorating.

For example, one such use would be that the United States is “going to the dogs” due to the deterioration of a woman’s right to make decisions about her body profoundly impacted by the June 24, 2022 Supreme Court’s 5-3 decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization which overturned the 1973 decision in Roe v Wade.  (Justice Roberts sided with the majority to uphold the Mississippi abortion restrictions, but would not overturn Roe)  


Another situation that was ‘going to the dogs’ was the Detroit City FC Women’s team’s chances for a playoff spot.  With a 3 win, 3 draw, 3 loss record, and sitting in 5th place, six points from 2nd place, the hurdle was high.  The three remaining matches of the season included a home-and-home fixture-concluding tussle against Indy Eleven, who are undefeated in 9 matches, and tonight’s opponent, Midwest United FC, a team City has yet to beat in all four previous head-to-head matches.


The idiom, tonight, was also applied with a positive meaning.  This match was the 2nd Annual K9s at Keyworth event, promoting our favorite pups and to benefit Michigan Humane.

IMGP6150 (2)

It was also a special evening as the 2021 Men’s Team received their championship rings from last year’s domination of NISA.

IMGP6569 (2)

Starting Eleven

Lauren Kozal – GK
Sydney Bushman
Riley Tanner
Olivia Albert
Matea Diekema
Regan Dalton
Maya Dean
Isabelle Gilmore
Martha (Marti) Corby
Stephanie (Stitch) Currie
Jennifer Blitchok

Starting Eleven

IMGP6029 (2)

Front Row, Left to Right
Madison Duncan – Midfielder
Grace Philpotts – Midfielder
Bethany Kopel – Goalkeeper
Brynn Gardner – Forward
Ellie Pool – Forward

Back Row, Left to Right
Grace Philpotts – Midfielder
Shannon McCarthy – Midfielder
Emilie Gardner – Defender
Kayla Addison – Forward
Gabby Tremonti – Defender
Elisa Baeron – Defender, Captain

The first half was all Midwest United.  Their early pressure and possession netted them a goal in the 4th minute when Rylee Tanner crossed a ball from the left channel to Stich Currie who hip-checked the ball into the goal.

In the 11th minute, Bethany Kopel was forced to make three big saves, which began as a one-on-one attack by Marti Corby.  Two minutes later, Corby curved a shot toward goal, forcing Bethany to make the save.

When City finally had an adventure into the Midwest zone, it was nullified by the change of the referee’s mind.  In the 22nd minute, Ellie Pool got the ball to the end line then sent the ball at goal.  It popped into the air after striking a defender’s leg and fell inward toward the goal.  As Lauren Kozal tried to gather it in, Brynn Gardner’s forward momentum carried herself, the keeper, and the ball into the net.  The referee pointed to the center of the field, indicating a goal.

IMGP6244 (2)IMGP6247 (2)IMGP6249 (2)IMGP6256 (2)IMGP6258 (2)IMGP6259 (2)IMGP6276 (2)

But tonight, the referee listened to the Midwest keeper’s protest and spoke with a sideline referee.  He changed his mind and waived off the goal.

IMGP6303 (2)

To add insult, four minutes later it was Riley Tanner again along the left flank centering the ball to Stitch Currie, burying her second goal into the net.  Midwest United’s lead doubled.

To add injury, Grace Philpotts had to come off in the 28th minute due to a knock.  Brooke Sleeva subbed in to replace her.

To add to the potential mayhem, a squirrel invaded the pitch in the end where the K9s were seated.  It went running by the pup’s section, taunting its freedom before the four-legged leashed patrons.

IMGP6359 (2)IMGP6377 (2)

The control and pressure continued for Midwest United.  Bethany Kopel was the reason Midwest United’s lead didn’t balloon.  She made a couple more key saves, including one from Stitch Currie seeking a first half hat trick.

In the 40th minute, City was able to enter the Midwest zone and create some havoc and forced a corner kick.  Shannon McCarthy curled a dangerous ball into the box.  Rachel Philpotts headed it and the ball dropped to Kayla Addison.  Kayla chested it down and fired it into the goal.  But, the whistle blew as the keeper was down in the box after colliding with Rachel Philpotts.

IMGP6459 (2)

IMGP6463 (2)

After much conversation with City players, the referee once again changed his mind and gave Kayla Addison the goal.

Unfortunately, it would be the last goal of the Detroit City FC season.

The first half ended with Midwest United leading 2-1, with the referee changing his mind on two important plays in the match.  Some might say that it courageous and appropriate for the referee to change his mind.  Others might say that the officiating is going to the dogs.

IMGP6707 (2)

In the second half, City saw a little more action, though that may have been a tactical decision on the part of Midwest United.  They seemed content to settle in and defend their one-goal lead.  It gave City a few more chances, the best coming in the 52nd minute when Kayla Addison, Brynn Gardner, and Shannon McCarthy charged into the box.  Shannon took a wicked shot on goal, but the keeper parried it away.

In the 65th minute, City made two substitutions.  Ally Childers came in for Rachel Philpotts and Rylee Clark came in for Kayla Addison.

Ally Childers was making her 9th appearance for the club, having started four matches.  The Michigan State Spartan senior has played 33 matches in her Spartan career, scoring a goal against Dayton on September 12, 2021.  She was a club player for Michigan Hawks from 2011 to 2018 and was in the Olympic Development Program Regional Team from 2013-2016.

Rylee Clark is one of the five current Bowling Green University players playing for City this season. This is the sixth appearance for the Falcon, having started two matches and recording a shot.  She began her collegiate career at Wright State University in 2020, having played all 9 matches there, scoring a goal and assisting on two others.  She made 10 appearances for Bowling Green last season, scoring a goal against Oakland University on August 29, 2021.

In the 66th minute, Captain Elisa Baeron was shown a yellow card on a tackle of Jennifer Blitchok.  Then, in the 78th minute, another two substitutions were made.  Kayla Welchel entered the match for Brynn Gardner, and Lauren Moraitis subbed in for Brooke Sleeva.

Lauren Moraitis made her first appearance for City.  The Northville High School grad whose youth club was the Michigan Hawks, Lauren has committed to the University of Cincinnati in the fall.

Midwest United’s strategy in the final ten minutes was to defend by attacking.  They knew City would have to open it up to try to get the equalizer, so they kept the ball moving in City’s zone.  On an 86th minute corner kick by Hannah Crum found Regan Berg who scored to quash City’s hopes.

Player of the Match:  Emilie Gardner

IMGP7248 (2)


Detroit City FC 1, Midwest United FC 3
MUFC: Stich Currie (Riley Tanner) 4′
MUFC: Stich Currie (Riley Tanner) 26′
DCFC:  Kayla Addison (Shannon McCarthy) 40′
MUFC: Regan Berg (Hannah Crum) 98′


City had four shots in the match (Shannon McCarthy (2), Madison Duncan, Kayla Addison).  Midwest United registered 27 shots.

Bethany Kopel was credited with 7 saves for City.  Lauren Kozal made 3 saves for Midwest United.

Yellow cards were given to Elisa Baeron and Ally Childers of Detroit City FC and one to Regan Dalton of Midwest United.


IMGP5518IMGP5520IMGP5558 (2)IMGP5569 (3)IMGP5633 (2)IMGP5759 (2)IMGP5773 (2)IMGP5784 (2)IMGP5785 (2)IMGP5793 (2)IMGP5798 (2)IMGP5817 (2)IMGP5832 (2)IMGP5838 (2)IMGP5865 (2)IMGP5896 (2)IMGP5947 (2)IMGP6053 (2)IMGP6096 (2)IMGP6101 (2)IMGP6191 (2)IMGP6237 (2)

IMGP6340 (2)

IMGP6407 (2)IMGP6411 (2)

IMGP6494 (2)IMGP6514 (2)IMGP6697 (2)IMGP6759 (2)IMGP6765 (2)IMGP6776 (2)IMGP6791 (2)IMGP6798 (2)IMGP6811 (2)IMGP6827 (2)IMGP6907 (2)IMGP6934 (2)IMGP6951 (2)IMGP7004 (2)IMGP7008 (2)IMGP7044 (2)IMGP7081 (2)IMGP7086 (2)IMGP7195 (2)IMGP7199 (2)IMGP7209 (2)IMGP7213 (2)IMGP7217 (2)IMGP7244 (2)

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