July 11, 2012: Columbus Crew Super-20s

July 11, 2012
Cass Tech High School, Detroit, MI

Detroit City FC 1, Columbus Crew U-20’s 3
CREW Jordan Tyler 24′
CREW Matt Walker 42′
CREW Matt Walker 79′
DCFC Wade Allen 90+’

Attendance: 1,142

On the cusp of their first playoff appearance, Le Rouge host the Columbus Crew Super-20 team in a friendly that draws 1,142 City faithful.


DSC09239 DSC09240 DSC09242 DSC09243 DSC09249 DSC09251 DSC09253 DSC09255

Starting Eleven.

DSC09260 DSC09261


DSC09267 DSC09268 DSC09269 DSC09270DSC09271DSC09273DSC09276 DSC09282 DSC09284 DSC09286DSC09293DSC09296DSC09297DSC09299DSC09301 DSC09303 DSC09305 DSC09312DSC09313DSC09317DSC09335DSC09336DSC09342 DSC09353 DSC09355DSC09371 DSC09380DSC09386DSC09400 DSC09403


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