April 19, 2014: Saginaw State University

April 19, 2014
Pre-Season Friendly
Hurley Field, Berkley, Michigan

Detroit City FC 1, Saginaw Valley State University 0
DCFC:  Zach Myers (at some point in the first half).

It was a chilly April afternoon, and it was a game I almost missed.  We had closed on a house on April 15th, and the lease on our apartment was to expire on May 1st.  With the first round of movers arriving Monday morning, I was going to put domestic chores ahead of DCFC.

Heh.  No I wasn’t.

Prior to moving all the furnishings in, I had to get my home office painted rouge and gold.

No programs at this game, and because it was a friendly, I was rather lax about making notes, such as the time of when the only goal was scored and if there was an attendance announced. (BoysInRouge got it – 1,499)  Still, it was a great diversion from packing and painting. The Northern Guard Supporters were in fine pre-season voice.

DSC04679 DSC04683 DSC04686 DSC04688 DSC04689 DSC04690 DSC04691 DSC04696 DSC04698 DSC04699 DSC04701 DSC04702 DSC04704 DSC04706 DSC04708 DSC04709 DSC04712 DSC04716 DSC04727 DSC04730 DSC04731 DSC04734 DSC04735 DSC04742 DSC04753 DSC04754 DSC04760 DSC04767 DSC04770 DSC04771


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