2013 Season Summary

The 2013 Season
The Invincibles
12 Games played; 11 Won, 1 Draw, 0 Lost
First Place, NPSL Midwest Great Lakes Division
2013 Rust Belt Derby Winner

This season kicked the team and NGS into the next level of legendary status.

Le Rouge went the season undefeated, capturing first place in the Great Lakes Division, which allowed them to host the playoffs.


It provided for the arrival of a local team that tried to capitalize on the rabid supporter base of DCFC, and failed, becoming the disease known as Sharta.


It had the classic match played in a downpour.


It saw our first wedding on the pitch!


It solidified the disdain of our first real nemesis.


We had our first special jersey auction to raise funds for charity.


It had it’s surprising special moment when Le Rouge players entered the Supporters’ Section at the conclusion of their last regular season home match.

dcfc35And then there was the night were it all got a little weird.

It was the season that increased regular season attendance to 1,484 per match, with 2,600 attending the Great Lakes Division semi-final match on July 13th.

dcfc36And this was the season I became a season ticket holder, my allegiance sworn to this team now.


According to the NPSL stats (with help from BoysinRouge.com), our goal scorers and assist makers were as follows:

Goals Assists
Knox Cameron 6 1
Zach Myers 6 0
Kevin Taylor 5 2
Miche’le Lipari 2 3
Austin Oldham 2 1
Fabio Pereira 2 1
Grant Chong 2 0
Jeff Adkins 2 0
Zeke Harris 1 5
Latif Alashe 1 1
Shawn Claud Lawson 1 0
Lachlan Savage 1 0
Jordan Tyler 1 0
Ugochukwu Uche 1 0
Zach Schewee 0 4
Nick Lewin 0 3
Cyrus Saydee 0 3
Luck Diener 0 2
Adam Bedell 0 1


The 2013 matches are as follows:


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