June 17, 2015: Columbus Crew College Program

June 17, 2015
Cass Tech High School, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit City FC 1, Columbus Crew College Program 3
DCFC   Tyler Channell (Alex Isaevski) 26′
CREW  Ahinga Seleman 30′
CREW  Ryan James (Nate Kohl) 37′
CREW  Willy Bayemi (Hunter Robertson) 72′

Attendance:  2,610

At the halfway point of the season, City holds a 3-win, 2-draw, and 1-loss record, outscoring our opponents 18-9.

The almost-annual friendly against the Columbus Crew kids.  After skipping them in 2014 due to weather, the mid-week tune-up resulted in another loss to the Major League Soccer wannabes.  But that never diminishes the fun at a DCFC match.

DSC09638 DSC09639 DSC09641 DSC09642 DSC09644 DSC09649 DSC09650 DSC09651 DSC09652 DSC09653 DSC09655 DSC09656 DSC09659 DSC09661 DSC09664 DSC09667 DSC09668 DSC09669 DSC09670 DSC09672 DSC09674 DSC09676 DSC09677 DSC09680 DSC09687 DSC09689 DSC09693 DSC09698 DSC09701 DSC09702 DSC09703  DSC09713 DSC09722 DSC09723 DSC09724 DSC09728 DSC09729 DSC09733 DSC09735 DSC09743 DSC09771

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