May 15, 2016: at Dayton Dynamo

May 15, 2016
NPSL Regular Season
Welcome Stadium, Dayton, OH

Dayton Dynamo 2, Detroit City FC 4
DCFC  Danny Deakin 21′
DCFC  Alec Lasinski (Danny Deakin) 27′
DCFC  Alec Lasinski (Danny Deakin) 30′
DCFC  Ali Al-Gashamy (Danny Deakin) 34′
DD  Kristian Montoya 54′
DD  Tristan Lyle 75′

Attendance: ?

This was our only regular season match that crossed the Michigan border.  The Dynamo were formerly the Cincinnati Saints, who migrated north when a billionaire put a USL team in the Queen City, killing the rivalry with my sister and her family.  Either way, southern Ohio usually means three points.

By the 34th minute, Le Rouge amassed a 4-0 lead, powered by Danny Deakin.  In thirteen minutes, Deakin scored the first,

then assisted on Alec Lasinski for two,

and on Ali Al-Gashamy’s goal.


In the second half, City leaked a couple goals, as they had against the Michigan Stars two nights ago.
Kristian Montoya scored on a PK in the 54th minute.  Then Tristan Lyle put in a well-placed header in the 75th minute.
In the end, three-points came home with us to Detroit.

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