June 19, 2016: Kalamazoo FC

June 19, 2016
NPSL Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 1, Kalamazoo FC 0
DCFC Tommy Catalano (George Chomakov) 63′

Attendance: 3,783

Despite the early season highs, Le Rouge’s regular season was struggling.  Going into the midway point, the standings looked like this:

AFC Ann Arbor     4-1-2   14
Grand Rapids FC  3-1-3   11
Kalamazoo FC      3-3-1    10
Michigan Stars     2-2-3     9
Lansing United    1-2-4      7
Detroit City FC    1-2-3      6
Dayton Dynamo  1-4-1      4

It was a scorching, Father’s Day Sunday.  Le Rouge had not yet won a regular season match at Keyworth.  And the crowd that appeared was smaller than the last two regular season matches at Cass Tech.

It must have been the rope-a-dope.

Tommy Catalano’s 63rd minute goal and Nate Steinwescher’s shut-out created City’s first regular season home victory at Keyworth.

Now the flags and banners can be righted.

dsc08678 dsc08679 dsc08680 dsc08682 dsc08684 dsc08689 dsc08693

dsc08698 dsc08699 dsc08700 dsc08702 dsc08703 dsc08704 dsc08714 dsc08718 dsc08722 dsc08725 dsc08726 dsc08728 dsc08729 dsc08730 dsc08735 dsc08737 dsc08740a dsc08748 dsc08749a dsc08751 dsc08759a dsc08761a dsc08768a dsc08769a dsc08771a dsc08772a dsc08773a dsc08777a

dsc08781 dsc08782a dsc08784a dsc08787a dsc08798a dsc08799 dsc08801 dsc08802 dsc08805a dsc08807a dsc08808 dsc08809 dsc08810 dsc08812 dsc08817 dsc08818 dsc08819 dsc08823a dsc08824a dsc08826a dsc08830a dsc08835 dsc08838 dsc08840a dsc08843 dsc08844 dsc08846 dsc08847 dsc08848


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