June 25, 2016: Dayton Dynamo

June 25, 2016
NPSL Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 5, Dayton Dynamo 0
DCFC  Javi Bautista 16′
DCFC  Jeff Adkins  29′
DCFC  Zach Schewee 45′
DCFC  Tommy Catalano  77′
DCFC  Tommy Catalano  81′

Attendance:  4,304

No, those are not the usual rouge-and-gold kits our team wore this evening.  They were commemorative jerseys, which were auctioned during the game, to raise money for Freedom House, a Detroit-based nonprofit organization supporting individuals fleeing persecution from around the world.


It was also a match against a team that cannot beat us, earning Le Rouge its second consecutive victory at Keyworth.


dsc09142 dsc09143 dsc09147a dsc09149a dsc09151a dsc09152a dsc09153 dsc09154 dsc09156 dsc09157 dsc09158 dsc09159a dsc09161a dsc09162a dsc09163a dsc09165 dsc09167 dsc09169 dsc09178a dsc09180 dsc09183a dsc09185a dsc09187a dsc09194a dsc09195a dsc09204a dsc09206a

dsc09211a dsc09213a dsc09216a dsc09217a dsc09220a dsc09222a

dsc09228a dsc09230a dsc09232a dsc09233a dsc09236a dsc09245a dsc09250a dsc09263a dsc09268a dsc09270a dsc09273a dsc09274 dsc09281a

dsc09282a dsc09298a



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