May 6, 2017: Dayton Dynamo

May 6, 2017
Pre-Season Friendly
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 2, Dayton Dynamo 2
DCFC  Peyton Mowery Own Goal 18′
DCFC  Cyrus Saydee (David Edwardson) 56′
Dayton  Tristan Lyle (Tate Robertson) 57′
Dayton  Tristan Lyle (Tate Robertson) 65′

Attendance: 4,168

An overcast and chilly evening to open Keyworth Stadium in 2017.  Dayton, no longer in our division, provided a good challenge leading into the season.  They exposed our fear that last year’s weakness still existed – leaking goals after achieving a lead.  Dayton’s keeper, Ryan Holding, made a few key saves after they tied it, keeping the score level for the final twenty-five minutes of the match.

Personally, I felt off, too.  First time I asked for a media pass was last year at the season-ending friendly against Windsor.  And before this season, I inquired about one for the full season, and the honor was bestowed.  Standing there with the other photographers and their massive equipment, I felt like my little Sony Cyber-Shot was an inadequate toy.  Coupled with the overcast weather, it certainly wasn’t my best performance in shooting, either.  After this match, I had to shrug it off and remember my approach: don’t worry about not having the camera to capture the shots I fantasize about, rather know which kinds of shots my camera can capture, and get them.  Fortunately for me, video compliments when photographing fail.


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