May 19, 2019: Kalamazoo FC

May 19, 2019
NPSL Regular Season Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 2, Kalamazoo FC 3
DCFC  Shawn Lawson (Kervin Kenton) 40′
KFC  Giuseppe Vitale (PK) 58′
DCFC  Max Todd 63′
KFC  Dalton Michael 73′
KFC  Elliot Miller 90+

Attendance: 5,254

Michigan provided its variety of weather today, beginning with hot, followed by rain, then tornado warnings, the rain becoming intermittent, concluding with sun.  Due to such uncertainty, the annual home-opening tifo raising was postponed to the next match.


Keyworth’s newest feature: shipping container suites at the north end of the pitch.

This banner acknowledges a new supporter podcast, the 4:51 podcast.

Shawn Lawson’s goal in the 40th minute carried us into halftime with a 1-0 lead.

A penalty kick was awarded to Kalamazoo FC on a foul just inside the box.  Giuseppe Vitale converted it in the 58th minute.  Five minutes later, Max Todd put City back in the lead…

However, two defensive lapses in the 73rd minute and added time shifted the three points to Kalamazoo.

Overall, it was not a bad game.  City dominated the first half, and things got chippy in the second.  A couple of late mistakes stirred the ghosts of second-half-goals-against, dampening some of the home-opening excitement.  But, we’ve also seen in the past that early losses can easily be covered in the dust of a rampant winning streak, so optimism remained high.


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