September 22, 2020: Cal United Strikers vs New York Cosmos

September 22, 2020
2020 NISA Fall Tournament Group Stage, Match Three
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Cal United Strikers FC 2, New York Cosmos 0
CAL  Shane Kaemerle 40′
CAL  Christian Thierjung (Michael Bryant) 61′

Yellow Cards:  Michael Bryant (Cal United) 64′

The second day of the tournament featured Group B matches on another gorgeous autumn day.

I didn’t know what to expect from this match.  The New York Cosmos might have been the favorites, but never having seen the Cal United Strikers in action, it was difficult to predict.


Cal United Strikers
Steven Barrera – Keeper
Xavier Fuerte – Defender
Michael Bryant – Defender
Chris Klute – Defender
Aydan Bowers – Defender
Kevin Garcia-Lopez – Defender
Duncan Capriotti – Midfielder
Christian Thierjung – Midfielder
Shane Kaemerle – Midfielder
Shinya Kadono – Midfielder
Abraham Villon – Forward


New York Cosmos
Jesse Corke – Keeper
Pedro Galvao – Defender
Matt Lewis – Defender
Ansi Agolli – Defender
Konrad Plewa – Defender
Danny Szetela – Midfielder
Mattia Cella – Midfielder
Charlie Ledula – Midfielder
Leandro Geo Alves – Forward
Aly Hassan – Forward
Shavon John-Brown – Forward

Cal United and the Cosmos kept pace with each other during the opening half.  Then, in the 39th minute, the first goal was scored by the Strikers’ Shane Kaemerle.  A great start for Cal United’s sixteen-year-old midfielder.  The Strikers took the one-goal lead into halftime.

Coach Don Ebert made two substitutions as the second half began, bringing in Evan Waldrep and Tony Lopez for Duncan Capriotti and the goal-scorer Shane Kaemerle.

The Cosmos subbed out Charlie Ledula in the 56th minute for Darwin Espinal.  Five minutes later, Michael Bryant sent a long pass to Christian Thierjung, who sprinted in alone to double Cal United’s lead.

Despite pushing forward and substituting John Denis for Leandro Geo Alves in the 66th minute and Giuseppe Barone for Danny Szetela in the 81st minute, the Cosmos couldn’t find the net, and the Strikers kept countering.  Cal United’s Abraham Villon was also subbed out for Omar Nuno in the 81st minute.

Cal United took the first three points in Group B from a strong effort.  The second match of the night would feature the Los Angeles Force and Chattanooga FC.
All the matches of the tournament can be found HERE.

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