September 27, 2020: Detroit City FC vs New Amsterdam FC

September 27, 2020
2020 NISA Fall Tournament Group Stage, Game Ten
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 4, New Amsterdam FC 2
DCFC Kevin Venegas 9′
DCFC Michael Kafari (Yazeed Matthews) 13′
DCFC Shawn Claud Lawson (Ryan Peterson) 70′
NAFC Michael Bello (Carlton McKenzie) 73′
DCFC Shawn Claud Lawson (Ryan Peterson) 76′
NAFC Michael Bello (Mahmoud Keita) 84′

Yellow Cards:
Evin Nadaner (NAFC) 90+’

After the earlier match between Oakland Roots and Michigan Stars, only a victory would bounce the Stars out of the playoffs.  A draw would end both Detroit and New Amsterdam’s tournament.

Detroit City FC started the match with the same starting eleven as they did in their previous match – the 2-1 victory over Oakland Roots.

Detroit City FC
Jean Antoine – Keeper
Steve Carroll – Defender
Tendai Jirira – Defender
Kevin Venegas – Defender
Jimmy Filerman – Midfielder
Bakie Goodman – Midfielder
Cyrus Saydee – Midfielder
Michael Kafari – Midfielder
Ibrahim Conteh – Midfielder
Max Todd – Forward
Yazeed Matthews – Forward

New Amsterdam FC made two changes to the starting eleven that drew even against the Michigan Stars.  Saad Afif and Carlton McKenzie replaced Tobi Esche and Mahmoud Keita, respectively.

New Amsterdam FC
Mahamed Keita – Keeper
Saad Afif – Defender
Jesus Riesco – Defender
Oluremi Williams – Defender
Daniel Vicente – Defender
Thomas Yorstom – Defender
Michael Natsu – Defender
Evin Nadaner – Midfielder
Cort Flaetgen – Midfielder
Daniel Bedoya – Midfielder
Carlton McKenzie – Midfielder

Tendai Jirira sent a long ball into the box, which Jesus Riesco cleared into the path of Kevin Venegas, who placed the ball past Mahamed Keita and into the back of the net, giving City a 1-0 lead in the 9th minute.

Four minutes later, Bakie Goodman passed the ball forward, into the box.  Yazeed Matthews chased it down, and with the New Amsterdam keeper charging out to cut down a shot, Zee back-heeled the ball to a wide open Michael Kafari who passed it into the wide-open net.  City 2, New Amsterdam 0.

At halftime, both teams made substitutions.  George Chomakov, Shawn Claud Lawson and Brandon Clegg relieved Ibrahim Conteh, Yazeed Matthews, and Steve Carroll for City.  New Amsterdam brought in keeper Aldo Munez for Mahamed Keita, and Mahmoud Keita replaced Daniel Bedoya.  Zaire Bartley and Michael Bello also began the half, subbing in for Cordt Flaetgen and Tommy Yorston.

Max Todd made way for Ryan Peterson in the 65th minute.  This led to two goals by Shawn Claud Lawson.  After this near miss..

Peterson delivered another through-ball to Lawson, who put it past Munez to give City a 3-0 lead in the 70th minute.

Michael Bello scored 3 minutes later, but another 3 minutes later, Peterson found Lawson again, and City led 4-1.  Kevin Venegas would be relieved by Sebastian Capozucchi in the 83rd minute, just before a free kick to New Amsterdam.  From the free kick, Mahmoud Keita sent the ball across the goal and Michael Bello would score his second in the 83rd minute.

The group stage for Group A had finished.  Oakland Roots and Detroit City FC would advance to the semi-finals.

Oakland Roots 2-0-1 6 pts +3 goal differential
Detroit City FC 2-0-1 6 pts +1 goal differential
Michigan Stars 1-1-1 4 pts  +1 goal differential
New Amsterdam FC 0-1-2  1 pt -5 goal differential.

For all the games in the tournament, visit HERE.


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