Detroit City FC (UWS) vs Muskegon Risers

May 15, 2021
UWS 2021 Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 2, Muskegon Risers 1
DCFC Brooke Honeycutt 28′
Muskegon Mary Mitchell (Kiersten Korienek) 46′
DCFC  Marlee Taylor (Elisa Baeron) 52′

Attendance: 2,103

Detroit City FC Women’s Team saw only three matches during its 2020 inaugural and COVID- abbreviated season: a friendly in Grand Rapids against Midwest United FC, and a two-match UWS Stadium Showcase Tournament.  Though Supporters could not attend the matches, they still made their presence known.



But tonight, even though attendance was reduced due to CDC guidelines, the Women’s Team was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome by the Northern Guard Supporters.

DSC00929DSC00930IMGP9236 (2)IMGP9248 (2)IMGP9359 (4)IMGP9297 (2)

IMGP9418 (2)

IMGP9474 (2)


Erika Gabriel – GK
Jayne Vredevoogd – D
Aubree Deroo – D
Kylee Winn – D
Grace Filipiak – D
Claudia Muessig – M
Brenna Musser – M
Hannah Bowling – M
Mackenzie Selvius – F
Credence White – F
Kiersen Korienek – F


Becca Przyzbylo – GK
Gabby Tremonti – D
Elisa Baeron – D
Margaret Berry – D
Brooke Honeycutt – D
Megan Miles – M
Tatiana Mason – M
Marlee Taylor – M
Madison Duncan – M
Kenna White – F
Sarah Huge – F

IMGP9495 (2)IMGP9607 (2)IMGP9630 (2)IMGP9644 (2)IMGP9653 (2)

In the first half, it was all City.  They dominated possession, kept Muskegon on their heels, and generated opportunities.

In the 7th minute, City carved a series of passes through the Risers which resulted in a chance for Kenna White.

Four minutes later, Tatiana Mason passed the ball through to White who took a shot at goal.  Keeper Erika Gabriel made the save, but the rebound found its way to Mason.  Gabriel made a save on Mason’s shot, which created another rebound.  The ball fell to White whose shot was saved by a defender on the line.

In the 21st minute, Sarah Huge put the ball into space in the box. Kenna White and Erika Gabriel raced for it.  The keeper got a hand to it, causing White to hit the ground hard.

IMGP9718 (2)IMGP9751 (2)IMGP9835 (3)IMGP9849 (2)IMGP9868 (2)IMGP9901 (2)

It was in the 28th minute when Brooke Honeycutt put Detroit on the scoreboard.  A long ball from the back fell to Sarah Huge.  She cut in alone and nailed a shot against the post, which dropped to just outside the goal line.  Two Riser defenders attempted to clear, but Honeycutt slid in and pushed it across the line.

IMGP9953 (2)IMGP9957 (2)IMGP9959 (2)IMGP9987 (2)

IMGP0009 (2)IMGP0028 (2)IMGP0041 (2)IMGP0046 (2)IMGP0076 (2)IMGP0087 (2)IMGP0116 (2)IMGP0175 (3)IMGP0181 (2)IMGP0214 (3)

More opportunities presented themselves before the first half concluded.  Gabriel would be called upon to stop a point-blank shot from Kenna White in the 41st minute.  In the final minute, Margaret Berry launched a ball into the box which was headed just wide of the net.

During the halftime break, dinosaurs entered the field of play.

IMGP0293IMGP0295 (2)IMGP0335 (2)IMGP0377 (2)IMGP0386 (2)IMGP0405 (2)

If fans and supporters were late to their seats when the second half began, they missed an amazing shot from about 30-yards out from Muskegon’s Mary Mitchell.  She launched the ball skyward and it dropped in under the crossbar, well out of reach of Becca Przyzbylo, knotting the match at a goal apiece.

IMGP0423 (2)IMGP0465 (2)IMGP0491 (2)

Not to be outdone, City responded in the 53rd minute with a marvel of their own.  The play began with a corner kick that went beyond everyone in the box.  Elisa Baeron tracked it down and fired it back into the box.  A Riser defender headed it out in the direction of Marlee Taylor.  Before it could reach the ground, Taylor launched it at the goal.  The ball sailed above the head of Gabriel and below the crossbar into the net.  City’s lead restored.

IMGP0506 (2)IMGP0524 (2)IMGP0546 (2)

City continued to control the match, and if it weren’t for Erika Gabriel’s goalkeeping, City could have doubled or tripled their scoreline.

IMGP0556 (2)IMGP0573 (2)IMGP0695 (2)IMGP0699 (2)IMGP0726 (2)IMGP0819 (2)IMGP0826 (2)IMGP0853 (2)IMGP0876 (2)IMGP0893 (2)IMGP0896 (2)IMGP0902 (2)IMGP0911 (2)IMGP0915 (2)IMGP0937 (2)IMGP0941 (2)

Player of the Match: Marlee Taylor.

IMGP0973 (2)

City’s next match would be on Sunday, May 23, 2021 against Lansing United in Lansing.

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