Detroit City FC (U-23) vs Michigan Stars

June 30, 2021
Midwest Premiere League Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 2, Michigan Stars 1
DCFC: Keith Larson 33′
DCFC: Zion Beaton 77′
MICH: Mamadou Bah 82′

Looking to make it eight-straight victories, the Men’s U-23 team hosted the Michigan Stars, ahead of the NISA 2020-21 Championship Semi-Final match between Chattanooga FC and Los Angeles Force.

IMGP0203 (2)IMGP0249 (2)IMGP0252 (2)IMGP0291 (2)IMGP0363 (2)

Starting XI

Hunter Morse – GK
James Lee – D
Josh Wates – D
Brady Walker – D
Will Perkins – D
Benedek Tanyi – M
Caio Mazzo – M
Shion Soga – M
Kellan Landefeld – M
Bosh Tanyi – F
Keith Larson – F

IMGP0438 (2)IMGP0456 (3)IMGP0492 (2)IMGP0509 (2)IMGP0518 (2)IMGP0520 (2)IMGP0553 (2)IMGP0567 (2)IMGP0682 (2)IMGP0821 (2)IMGP0963 (2)

Keith Larson opened the scoring in the 33rd minute, which brought the rain then a lightning delay.  After the 30-minute delay, the match resumed after a five-minute warm up, at the 34th minute.  When the first half ended, there was an abbreviated halftime and the match resumed.

IMGP1007 (2)IMGP1064 (2)IMGP1085 (2)IMGP1091 (2)IMGP1144 (2)IMGP1149 (2)IMGP1237 (2)

Los Angeles Force players arrived and were unaware that they joined the Northern Guard.

IMGP1311 (2)

In the 77th minute, Zion Beaton shot the ball through the legs of the Stars’ keeper to double City’s lead.

IMGP1318 (2)IMGP1324 (2)IMGP1348 (2)IMGP1353 (2)IMGP1392 (3)

In the 82nd minute, things heated up.  The Stars made it 2-1. A tussle after Mamadou Bah scored resulted in Bah and DCFC keeper Hunter Morse being shown red cards. It doesn’t look like the ref noticed the Stars’ Alex Popa (#11) attempt to steal Hunter’s glove.  Failing to obtain the glove, Popa pulled a Michigan Stars’ response.  He took a dive.

IMGP1432 (2)IMGP1444 (2)IMGP1453 (2)IMGP1454 (2)IMGP1456 (2)IMGP1460 (2)IMGP1482 (2)IMGP1483 (2)IMGP1484 (2)IMGP1485 (2)IMGP1486 (2)IMGP1491 (2)IMGP1654 (2)IMGP1672IMGP1694 (2)IMGP1707 (2)IMGP1721IMGP1753 (2)

Player of the Match:  Zion Beaton.

IMGP1765 (2)

Eight matches.  Eight wins.  The team’s next match would be in Lansing on the 4th of July.

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