Detroit City FC (UWS) at Midwest United FC

July 2, 2021
United Women’s Soccer Regular Season
MW United Christian Athletic Complex, Kentwood, MI

Detroit City FC 1, Midwest United FC 2
MUFC: Marti Corby 9′
MUFC: Avery Lockwood 43′
DCFC: Grace Philpotts 77′

Coming off the forfeit of Indiana Elite, the Women’s First Team traveled to Grand Rapids to play the season’s penultimate match against Midwest United FC.  Not an easy task.  In the brief history of this Women’s team, they have yet to gain a point in three matches against Midwest United.

IMGP3603 (2)IMGP3615 (2)

Starting XI

Maia Perez – GK
Paige Eli
Matea Diekema
Oliwia Wos
Anna Bennett
Grace Labadie
Maya Dean
Avery Lockwood
Macey Wierenga
Martha Corby
Stitch Currie

IMGP3651 (2)

Starting XI

Gabby Schriver – GK
Alia Frederick – D
Gabby Tremonti – D
Elisa Baeron – D
Madison Duncan – D
Ashley Zugay – M
Marlee Taylor – M
Mami Yamaguchi – M
Christina Torres – F
Melanie Forbes – F
Sarah Huge – F

IMGP3677 (2)IMGP3686 (2)IMGP3718 (3)IMGP3749 (2)IMGP3755 (2)IMGP3781 (2)IMGP3843 (2)IMGP3876 (2)IMGP3896 (2)IMGP3913 (3)IMGP4011 (2)IMGP4106 (2)IMGP4144 (2)IMGP4313 (2)

Marti Corby scored in the 9th minute to give Midwest United an early lead.  City applied some pressure during the half, and Christina Torres got in a challenging shot at the 38th minute, but Midwest United’s keeper, Maia Perez parried it away.  In the second half, Midwest United scored another early goal at the 47th minute mark from Avery Lockwood.

IMGP4354 (3)IMGP4433 (2)IMGP4465 (2)IMGP4485 (2)

Detroit kept pressing, looking for that goal that would pull them back into the match.  In the 77th, Grace Philpotts got through and sent the ball through the Midwest keeper and into the back of the net.

IMGP4578 (2)IMGP4579 (2)IMGP4580 (2)IMGP4599 (2)IMGP4685 (2)IMGP4686 (2)IMGP4753 (2)

The remaining 13 minutes, City fought for the equalizer but couldn’t find it.

IMGP4850 (2)

Only one match remained on the Women’s First Team schedule, a July 10th tussle against Lansing United at Keyworth.

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