Detroit City FC (UWS2) at North Oakland FC

July 22, 2021
UWS2 Regular Season Match
Total Sports Complex, Wixom MI

North Oakland FC 0, Detroit City FC 5
DCFC: Tori Singstock (First Half)
DCFC: Caroline Fleming (Second Half)
DCFC: Katie Coleman (Second Half)
DCFC: Gabby Schriver (Second Half)
DCFC: Allison Steglitz (Second Half)

Staying overnight in Grand Rapids after last night’s U-23 team’s final match of the season, the Women’s Reserve team played their final match of the season in Wixom, which was on the drive home.

We played at Wembley.

IMGP0765 (2)

But it was hardly Wembley.  Just another dimly-lit dome.

Starting XI

Sarah Hammond – GK
Brooke Honeycutt – D
Gabby Tremonti – D
Keren Maze – D
Alia Frederick – D
Megan Miles – M
Katie Coleman – M
Allison Steglitz – M
Syd Smith – F
Caroline Fleming – F
Tori Singstock – F

IMGP0786 (2)

IMGP0798 (2)IMGP0804 (2)IMGP0844 (2)IMGP0873 (3)IMGP0880 (2)

Tori Singstock scored from the penalty spot in the first half to give City a one-nil lead, which they carried to halftime.

IMGP0895 (2)IMGP0928 (3)IMGP0962 (2)

It was a tight first half, but then City took over in the second.  Caroline Fleming put City up 2-0.

IMGP1013 (2)IMGP1038 (2)

Katie Coleman scored the third goal of the match.

IMGP1049 (2)

IMGP1070 (2)IMGP1089 (2)IMGP1102 (2)

Like the U-23 match, when goalkeeper Sean Ellis entered the game as an outfield player after City took the late 1-0 lead, keeper Gabby Schriver was subbed into this match.  And everyone was thrilled when she scored City’s fourth goal.

IMGP1128 (2)IMGP1153 (2)IMGP1173 (2)IMGP1188 (2)IMGP1198 (3)IMGP1203 (2)

Allison Steglitz capped off strong performance with the final goal of the match and of the Women’s Reserve Team’s season.

IMGP1206 (2)IMGP1220 (2)

Player of the Match:  Allison Steglitz

IMGP1246 (2)

The UWS2 team concluded the season with a 7 win, 1 draw, and 1 loss record, with the Thundercats SC postponement not yet decided.  Corktown AFC posted a 7 win, 2 draw, 0 loss record, and waited for a league decision regarding their match against Livonia City.  The match was hosted by Livonia City but postponed due to Corktown AFC.

On August 1st, Corktown announced that they were champions with an 8-win, 2-draw, undefeated season.

corktown dream

But the league made a different decision.  City’s match against Thundercats SC was deemed a forfeit by the Thundercats for they chose not to make-up the match.  And it was Corktown AFC that forfeited the Livonia City match, thus crowning Detroit City FC as UWS2 Great Lakes Conference champion.

corktown reality

Following and watching these women play this summer has been entertaining.  Their accomplishment were not given the pomp and circumstance as the other championships, due to the timing of UWS2’s decisions.  However they are true Detroit City FC champions.

Furthermore, individuals were recognized for their amazing season.

  • Bri Rogers was named UWS2 Great Lakes Conference Defensive Player of the Year
  • Coach George Easter was named UWS2 Great Lakes Conference Coach of the Year

Six Detroit City FC players were named to the UWS2 All-Great Lakes Conference First Team

  • Gabby Tremonti – Defender
  • Bri Rogers – Defender
  • Keren Maze – Defender
  • Isabella Sabo – Midfielder
  • Brooke Sleeva – Forward
  • Caroline Fleming – Honorable Mention

IMGP1262 (2)

For those keeping score…

  1. 2021 NISA Legends Cup
  2. NISA 2021 Spring Season Champions
  3. NISA 2020-21 League Champions
  4. 2021 Midwest Premiere League East Champions
  5. 2021 UWS2 Great Lakes Conference Champions

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