Detroit City FC (U-23) at BiH Grand Rapids

July 21, 2021
Midwest Premiere League Regular Season Match
Midwest United Complex, Kentwood, MI

BiH Grand Rapids 0, Detroit City FC 1
DCFC: Keith Larson 88′

This is the final match of the season, against a tough opponent, in a match that has no impact in the Midwest Premiere League East Division.  Detroit City FC has won the division in their previous match on July 18, 2021 in a 3-2 victory over Lansing Common.

This was BiH Grand Rapids’ 11th match of the season, coming in with a record of five wins, two draws, and three losses.  In their visit to Keyworth on July 11th, they suffered one of those losses when City beat them 1-0.  This would be no easy match.

IMGP0111 (2)

Starting XI

Jay T.
Samir Sabanovic
Dado S.
Chris M.
Eddie Burdalic
Djani P.
Moses C.
Fikret Hasovic
Jake P.
Sammy P.
Sammy E.

Starting XI

Mason Maziasz – GK
James Lee – D
Josh Wates – D
Nick Yono – D
Lachlan Hepburn – D
Ryan Dobson – D
Sam Harshe – M
Keith Larson – M
Waseem Muthana – M
Amedeo Crovasace – F
Zion Beaton – F

IMGP0121 (2)IMGP0138 (2)IMGP0150 (2)IMGP0158 (2)IMGP0180 (2)IMGP0183 (3)IMGP0201 (2)IMGP0203 (3)IMGP0230 (2)IMGP0238 (2)IMGP0253 (3)IMGP0257 (2)IMGP0264 (2)IMGP0288 (2)IMGP0296 (4)IMGP0300 (2)IMGP0332 (2)IMGP0349 (3)

Like the match at Keyworth, it was evenly played with City having more scoring opportunities.  It remained scoreless at the halftime whistle.

IMGP0445IMGP0474 (3)IMGP0521 (3)IMGP0525 (2)IMGP0538 (3)IMGP0633 (3)

It seemed as if the match were destined for a scoreless draw until the 88th minute.  As BiH was setting up in the City half of the midfield, Ryan Dobson broke up the play and started up field, feeding it across the center stripe to Zion Beaton.  A three-on-three developed with Beaton, flanked by Dobson and Keith Larson.  As they moved upfield, Beaton fed the ball to Larson who continued the run and fired it past the Grand Rapids keeper to give City the late-minute victory.

IMGP0652 (2)IMGP0660

The goal allowed a couple of interesting last minute substitutions.  Keeper Sean Ellis took to an outfield position.

IMGP0667 (2)

And Assistant Kit Man Braian Mendoza subbed in for the goal scorer, Keith Larson.

IMGP0674 (2)IMGP0686 (2)IMGP0722

Player of the Match: Sam Harshe


On July 28, 2021, at Detroit City FC’s NISA Independent Cup match against Livonia City FC, the U-23 team was acknowledged pre-match for their Midwest Premiere League East Division title.  Their 14-match season saw 13 wins and 1 loss to top the East Division table.

Thank you all for your amazing performances this season.  You’ll forever be a Detroit City FC champion.

IMGP1998 (2)IMGP2011 (2)IMGP2040 (2)IMGP2056 (2)IMGP2066 (2)IMGP3980 (2)IMGP3998 (2)IMGP4007 (2)IMGP4021 (2)IMGP4034 (2)IMGP4054 (2)IMGP4063 (2)IMGP4077 (2)IMGP4090 (2)IMGP4105 (2)IMGP4133 (2)IMGP4142 (2)IMGP4156 (2)IMGP4179 (2)IMGP4191 (2)IMGP4215 (2)IMGP4207 (2)

For those keeping score…

  1. 2021 NISA Legends Cup
  2. NISA 2021 Spring Season Champions
  3. NISA 2020-21 League Champions
  4. 2021 Midwest Premiere League East Champions


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