New Amsterdam FC vs Los Angeles Force (2021 NISA Legends Cup Group Stage)

April 19, 2021
2021 Legends Cup
New Amsterdam FC vs Los Angeles Force
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

New Amsterdam 2, Los Angeles Force 3
NAFC: Erick Villatoro (Own Goal) 14′
LAF: Daniel Klemm (Christian Gordillo) 38′
NAFC: Bledi Bardic 53′
LAF: Chandler Hoffman 68′
LAF: Chandler Hoffman (Erik Hernandez) 76′

Yellow Cards:
LAF: Diego Barerra 38′
LAF: D’Morea Alewine 44′
LAF: Erick Villatoro 80′
NAFC: Bledi Bardic 81′

Match Day Three began at noon with New Amsterdam FC against Los Angeles Force.

IMGP9398 (2)

DSC00476 (2)

Los Angeles Force
Starting XI

Brandon Gomez – GK
Seamus McLaughlin – D
Daniel Klemm – D
Erick Villatoro – M
Abraham Villon – M
Chandler Hoffman – M
Christian Gordillo – M
Juan Pablo Ocegeda – M
D’Morea Alewine – M
Edson Alvarado – M
Diego Barrera – M

DSC00477 (2)

New Amsterdam FC
Starting XI

Aldo Munoz – GK
Yusuf Mikaheel – D
Mohamed Kone – D
Javaun Waugh – D
Michael Kafari – M
Sikele Sylvester – M
Salvatore Barone – M
Bledi Bardic – F
Jose Angulo – F
Shavon John-Brown – F

IMGP9404 (2)IMGP9433 (3)IMGP9465 (2)IMGP9518 (3)IMGP9581 (2)

In the 14th minute, Erick Villatoro went up to head the ball away from the LA goal.  Unfortunately, it bounced into the goal, giving New Amsterdam FC the lead.

IMGP9618 (2)IMGP9620 (2)IMGP9624 (2)IMGP9628 (2)IMGP9683 (2)IMGP9684 (2)IMGP9688 (2)IMGP9694 (2)IMGP9838 (3)IMGP9908 (3)IMGP9924 (2)

Los Angeles evened the score in the 38th minute when Daniel Klemm headed the ball beyond the reach of New Amsterdam keeper Aldo Munoz.

IMGP9948 (2)IMGP9953 (2)IMGP9956 (2)

IMGP0010 (2)IMGP0011 (3)IMGP0054 (3)IMGP0092 (2)IMGP0100 (2)IMGP0125 (2)IMGP0139 (3)IMGP0168 (3)

After halftime, New Amsterdam came out of the locker looking to regain the lead.  In the 53rd minute, Bledi Bardic put the New Yorkers ahead 2-1.

IMGP0178 (3)IMGP0185 (2)IMGP0215 (2)IMGP0238 (2)IMGP0292 (3)IMGP0304 (2)IMGP0309 (3)IMGP0349 (2)

The Force is not the type of team to rollover.  In the 68th minute, Chandler Hoffman fired this shot past Aldo Munoz to level the match for the second time.

IMGP0424 (3)

IMGP0432 (2)IMGP0493 (2)IMGP0518 (2)

Then, in the 76th minute, Hoffman was the recipient of this pass from Erik Hernandez.  With a wide open net, Hoffman guided the ball and The Force to victory.

IMGP0552 (2)IMGP0588 (2)IMGP0626 (2)IMGP0660 (3)IMGP0670 (3)

With both teams at the bottom of the table, the victory moved Los Angeles temporarily up to 4th place.

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