Cal United Strikers vs Stumptown AC (2021 NISA Legends Cup Group Stage)

April 19, 2021
2021 Legends Cup
Cal United Strikers vs Stumptown AC
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

Cal United Strikers 1, Stumptown AC 1
SAC: Rhys Williams 6′
Cal: Darwin Lom 11′

Yellow Cards:
Cal: Michael Bryant 22′
Cal: William Garton 33′
SAC: Travis Ward 50′

IMGP0756 (2)

Starting XI

Mitch North – GK
Xavier Fuerte – D
Michael Bryant – D
Bryan De Lafuente – D
William Garton – M
Shane Kaemerle – M
Evan Waldrep – M
Christian Thierjung – M
Alejandro Araneda – M
Shinya Kadono – M
Darwin Lom – F

IMGP0773 (2)

Starting XI

Kevin Gonzalez – GK
Robert Hines – D
Travis Ward – D
Giovani Bejarano – D
Jacob Crim – D
Franky Martinez – D
Rhys Williams – D
Alex McGrath – M
Luis Garcia Sosa – M
Agwie Chunga – F
Molley Kieh Karpeh – F

IMGP0801 (2)IMGP0850 (2)IMGP0860 (2)IMGP0872 (2)

It took only six minutes for Stumptown to get on the scoreboard with this header by Rhys Williams (#26).

IMGP0911 (2)IMGP0914 (3)IMGP0918 (2)IMGP0959 (2)IMGP0976 (2)IMGP0997 (2)IMGP1022 (3)

Five minutes later, Darwin Lom guided the ball past Kevin Gonzalez.  This ended the scoring, but not the intensity of the match.

IMGP1032 (2)IMGP1045 (2)IMGP1049 (2)IMGP1062 (2)IMGP1069 (2)IMGP1075 (2)IMGP1115 (2)IMGP1149 (3)IMGP1150 (2)IMGP1185 (2)IMGP1250 (3)IMGP1317 (2)IMGP1340 (3)IMGP1364 (3)IMGP1376 (2)IMGP1398 (2)IMGP1419 (2)IMGP1493 (2)IMGP1565 (2)IMGP1653 (3)IMGP1709 (2)IMGP1775 (2)IMGP1962 (2)IMGP1971 (2)IMGP2002 (2)IMGP2023 (2)

The draw helped neither team move toward a semi-final position.  One match remained to close out the group stage.

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