Cal United Strikers vs Maryland Bobcats (2021 NISA Legends Cup Seeded Match)

April 22, 2021
2021 Legends Cup
Cal United Stikers (#6 Seed) vs Maryland Bobcats (#7 Seed)
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

Cal United Strikers 3, Maryland Bobcats 2
CAL Alex ‘Chile’ Areneda 2′
CAL Garrett Hogbin (Gonzalo Salguero) 7′
CAL Michael Bryant (Gonzalo Salguero) 14′
MB Nico Brown (James Sesay) 51′
MB James Sesay 70′

Yellow Cards:
MB: Nico Brown 30′
MB: Yaya Fane 50′
MB: Javon Dawkins 76′
Cal United: Xavier Fuerte 80′

Red Cards:
Cal United: Xavier Fuerte 90′ (second yellow card)

This match was an exciting tale of two halves.

IMGP3652 (3)

DSC00663 (2)

Starting XI

Steven Barrera – GK
Gonzalo Saguero – D
Michael Bryant – D
Brady Treinen – D
Bryan De LaFuente – D
Garrett Hogbin – D
Duncan Capriotti – M
Shane Kaemerle – M
Christian Thierjung – M
Alex ‘Chile’ Araneda – M
Shinya Kadono – M

IMGP3672 (2)DSC00664 (2)

Starting XI

Daniel Olofinsua – GK
Javon Dawkins – D
Samuel Kahsai – D
Nero Cooper – D
Yaya Fane – M
Alex Kao – M
Josselin Possian – M
James Sesay – M
Tunde Akinlosotu – F
Elton Joe – F
Nico Brown – F

IMGP3679 (3)

The first half belonged to Cal United.  They wasted no time.  Alex ‘Chile’ Areneda scored in the second minute of play.

May be an image of one or more people, people standing, people playing football, grass and text that says 'SALGUERO BRYANT'

IMGP4217 (3)

IMGP3726 (3)IMGP3729 (2)IMGP4199 (3)IMGP4249 (2)IMGP4264 (2)IMGP3769 (2)IMGP4321 (3)IMGP3805 (3)IMGP4337 (3)IMGP3845 (2)IMGP4349 (3)

Then, in the 7th minute, Garrett Hogbin doubled the lead.  Gonzalo Salguero got the assist.

IMGP3869 (3)IMGP3873 (3)IMGP3879 (2)IMGP4377 (3)IMGP4394 (3)IMGP4401 (2)IMGP4419 (3)IMGP3981 (3)IMGP4464 (2)IMGP4513 (3)IMGP4002 (2)

Michael Bryant added Cal United’s third goal in the 14th minute, with another assist to Salguero.  Cal United was flying.

IMGP4022 (3)IMGP4029 (2)IMGP4049 (2)IMGP4530 (3)IMGP4105 (2)IMGP4588 (3)IMGP4112 (3)IMGP4129 (2)IMGP4175 (2)IMGP4172 (3)IMGP4153 (2)

For the remainder of the first half, things settled down and Maryland had a few chances.  Maryland Coach Sam Okpodu must have had some inspirational words in the locker room at half time.  Nico Brown scored in the 51st minute, then James Sesay added another in the 70th.  With 20 minutes remaining to score an equalizer, Maryland tried to press, but Cal United’s defense held.

Maryland’s inaugural performance in NISA resulted in a one-draw, two-loss outing.  All of their matches were entertaining.  They would open the Spring Season on May 1st at Keyworth Stadium, home of Detroit City FC.  Cal United Strikers close out the tournament undefeated with a win and two draws.  They would host Chattanooga FC on May 2nd to begin the Spring Season.

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