Stumptown AC vs New Amsterdam FC (2021 NISA Legends Cup Seeded Match)

April 22, 2021
2021 Legends Cup
Stumptown AC (#8 Seed) vs New Amsterdam FC (#9 Seed)
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

Stumptown AC 1, New Amsterdam 0
ST: Bay Kurtz (Luis Garcia-Sosa) 49′

Yellow Cards:
Stumptown: Alex McGrath 15′
Stumptown: Robert Hines 79′

IMGP2821 (3)IMGP2848 (2)

DSC00661 (2)

Starting XI

Jesse Corke – GK
Armando Guarnera – D
Yusuf Mikaheel – D
Mohamed Kone – D
Javaun Waugh – D
Fernando Cortez – M
Michael Kafari – M
Salvatore Barone – M
Bledi Bardic – F
Jose Angulo – F
Shavon John-Brown – F

IMGP2855 (2)

DSC00662 (2)

Starting XI

Kevin Gonzalez – GK
Bay Kurtz – D
Robert Hines – D
Travis Ward – D
Giovani Bejarno-Navia – D
Jacob Crim – D
Franky Martinez – D
Alex McGrath – M
Luis Garcia Sosa – M
Giovanni Godoy – F
Molley Karpeh – F

IMGP2862 (2)

In the first half, New Amsterdam carried the play in the early minutes, as early as the third minute when Stumptown keeper Kevin Gonzalez made a one-hand save on Bledi Bardic’s shot.  Stumptown saw its best chance in the 11th minute when Luis Garcia-Sosa sent the ball toward Giovanni Godoy, but New Amsterdam keeper, Jesse Corke, came out to meet it and blocked Godoy’s shot.  Then, in the 21st minute, Garcia-Sosa got in alone on goal, but New Amsterdam defender Armando Guarnera made a beautiful tackle to send the ball out, but causing both players to hit the pitch in pain.  The play resumed after both players sought treatment.  Garcia-Sosa was able to continue, but Guarnera had to be subbed out.  From that point, Stumptown controlled the pace but could not create any scoring opportunities.  As the half wound down, New Amsterdam kicked up the pressure, but could not convert.

In the second half, Stumptown scored the game’s only goal.  As the play moved up field by Stumptown, Luis Garcia-Sosa made a run toward the goal.  As he neared the endline, he kicked the ball back to the top of the box, finding Bay Kurtz who beat Jesse Corke with a confident shot.  It was Stumptown’s first professional goal.  Stumptown gained some momentum up until the final ten minutes. New Amsterdam pressured, looking for the equalizer, and could have had it.  They created opportunities, and with a corner kick as the final play of the match, Martin Williams headed Sal Barone’s delivery into the crossbar.

This was Stumptown AC’s first win, and ended the tournament with a win, a loss, and a draw.  New Amsterdam FC dropped all three matches, but the improvement of the team with the influx of Cosmos players (and a former Detroit City FC defender), was noticed.

IMGP2894 (3)IMGP2899 (3)IMGP2952 (3)IMGP3020 (3)IMGP3041 (2)IMGP3044 (2)IMGP3050 (3)IMGP3064 (2)IMGP3088 (2)IMGP3160 (3)IMGP3177 (2)IMGP3234 (3)IMGP3290 (3)IMGP3307 (2)IMGP3314 (3)IMGP3325 (3)IMGP3434 (2)IMGP3448 (3)IMGP3469 (3)IMGP3476 (3)IMGP3534 (3)IMGP3560 (3)IMGP3575 (3)IMGP3601 (3)IMGP3628 (3)

New Amsterdam FC would open the Spring Season on May 1, 2021, traveling to Michigan to play the Stars.  Stumptown AC would also begin the Spring Season on the road, taking on Maryland Bobcats on May 8, 2021.

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