Detroit City FC (UWS2) vs Rebels FC

May 29, 2021
UWS2 2021 Regular Season
Independence Park, Field #3, Canton, MI

Detroit City FC 2, Rebels FC 1
DCFC:  Tori Singstock 27′
Rebels:  Lauren Turner 43′
DCFC:  Bri Rogers (Tori Singstock) 46′

The first multi-match day for Detroit City FC.  This evening, the Men’s U-23 team would play their second match of the season at Livonia City FC at the same time as the Women’s first team would host Chicago Mustangs.  But first, at the annual Canton Cup, the Women’s UWS2 team would play Rebels FC.

The Canton Cup began in 1982, and has become one of the largest single-club 3-day soccer tournaments in the midwest. Many champions were crowned, including some of the Detroit City FC youth teams.


DSC00969 (2)


Starting XI

Kayla Landman – GK
Maria Kaschalk – D
Izzy Langusch – D
Libby Van Wagnen – D
Maggie Rimer – D
Izzy Brusilow – M
Justice Tillitson – M
Isabella Hunter – M
Lauren Turner – F
Jayna Fraser – F
Chole Barnthouse – F

DSC00972 (2)IMGP6488 (2)IMGP6515 (2)IMGP6545 (2)


Starting XI

Gabby Schriver – GK
Gabby Tremonti – D
Brooke Honeycutt – D
Julia Stancato – D
Hannah Becker – M
Katie Coleman – M
Bri Rogers – M
Natalie Graf – M
Syd Smith – F
Brooke Sleeva – F
Tori Singstock – F

IMGP6582 (2)IMGP6601 (2)IMGP6644 (2)IMGP6665 (2)IMGP6699 (2)IMGP6774 (2)IMGP6776 (2)IMGP6810 (2)

Rebels FC started strong, but City settled in.  This being their first match, City took a little time to gel, and as they did so, they began applying pressure to the Rebels’ defense.

In the 27th minute, the Women’s Reserve team got this goal from Tori Singstock.  It was the reserve team’s historic first goal, and of course it would be Singstock, for she scored the Women’s First Team historic first goal in last year’s friendly in Grand Rapids against Midwest United FC.

IMGP6862 (2)IMGP6864 (2)IMGP6865 (2)IMGP6868 (2)IMGP6903 (2)

Just before the halftime whistle, Rebels FC equalized.  Running down the left side, Jayna Fraser eluded a few City players then sent the ball toward goal.  Justice Tillotson redirected it onto the path of Lauren Turner who placed it into the net.

But City would retake the lead in the first minute of the second half.  A throw-in by Detroit went to Tori Singstock.  Singstock sent the ball through to Bri Rogers who fired it past the Rebels keeper.

IMGP6939 (2)IMGP6949 (2)IMGP6976 (2)IMGP6991 (2)IMGP7012 (2)IMGP7056 (2)IMGP7065 (2)IMGP7086 (2)IMGP7108 (2)IMGP7194 (3)IMGP7439 (2)IMGP7444 (2)IMGP7574 (2)IMGP7588 (2)IMGP7620 (2)IMGP7704 (2)IMGP7724 (2)

Player of the Match: Tori Singstock

IMGP7755 (2)IMGP7780 (2)

Every Detroit City FC team now has at least one match logged.
Men’s Team (NISA) 4 wins, 1 draw.
Men’s U-23 (MPL) 1 win
Women’s Team (UWS) 3 wins
Women’s Reserve Team (UWS2) 1 win.

This is awesome.


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