Detroit City FC (UWS) at Corktown AFC

May 26, 2021
UWS 2021 Regular Season
The Corner Ballpark, Detroit, MI

Corktown AFC 0, Detroit City FC 3
DCFC:  Sarah Huge (Alia Frederick) 10′
DCFC:  Kenna White ?’
DCFC:  Tatiana Mason 52′

IMGP5111 (2)

It’s hard to call it a road match when you’re playing less than seven miles from Keyworth.  But it is the second match in a three-match week.

Starting XI

Anna Sieloff – GK
Lexi Smith – D
Ashley Barron – D
Abigail Finn – D
Zoe Hudson – D
Gabby Mueller – M
Celia Gaynor – M
Emily Mathews – M
Emma Hiscock – F
Madison Schupbach – F
Itala Gemelli – F

IMGP5142 (3)IMGP5184 (2)

DSC00964 (2)

IMGP5219 (2)IMGP5254 (2)

Starting XI

Becca Przybylo – GK
Elisa Baeron – D
Madison Duncan – D
Margaret Berry – D
Ashley Zugay – D
Alia Frederick – M
Katie Coleman – M
Marlee Taylor – M
Kenna White – F
Maddie Wolfbauer – F
Sarah Huge – F

IMGP5267 (2)IMGP5285 (2)IMGP5297 (3)IMGP5358 (2)IMGP5384 (2)IMGP5434 (2)

Sarah Huge opened the scoring, heading Alia Frederick’s lofted ball into the net, in the 10th minute.

IMGP5451 (2)IMGP5470 (2)

Shortly after, Kenna White chipped in the second goal after some defensive confusion in the Corktown box.

IMGP5505 (2)IMGP5513 (2)IMGP5559 (2)

IMGP5562 (2)

As usual, the traveling Northern Guard Supporters were getting into the heads of the Corktown players.  Especially with their location right behind the Corktown goal.

IMGP5608 (2)

IMGP5642 (2)IMGP5675 (2)IMGP5682 (2)IMGP5705 (2)IMGP5740 (2)IMGP5762 (2)IMGP5975 (3)

At halftime, Coach Pirane subbed Tatiana Mason in for Sarah Huge.  The substitution paid off as Mason delivered this free kick goal in the 52nd minute.

IMGP5998 (2)IMGP5999 (3)IMGP6001 (2)IMGP6002 (2)IMGP6003 (2)IMGP6004 (2)IMGP6023 (3)IMGP6124 (3)IMGP6175 (2)


IMGP6296 (2)IMGP6308 (2)IMGP6310 (2)

This brought Detroit City FC’s record to three wins in three matches.  Saturday, they would conclude the week at home against Chicago Mustangs.


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