Detroit City FC (MPL) vs West Michigan Bearings

June 5, 2021
MPL 2021 Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 3, West Michigan Bearings 0
DCFC:  Zion Beaton (Kellan Landefeld) 21′
DCFC:  Keith Larson (Will Perkins) 51′
DCFC:  Waseem Muthana 82′

On May 29, 2021, when the Detroit City FC Women’s First Team played Chicago at Keyworth, the U-23s were at Schoolcraft College playing their second match and second road match of the season against Livonia City FC.  The result was a 5-0 DCFC victory with two goals by Brady Walker (13′ and 82′), and goals from Benedek Tanyi (37′), Shion Soga (56′ PK), and Sanad Yahya (90’+).

Like last week, it was a three-match day for City teams, with the U-23’s home opener the first of a doubleheader at Keyworth.  The Men’s First Team would host Stumptown AC as the second half of the doubleheader at Keyworth, while the Women’s First Team would travel to Muskegon to take on the Risers.

IMGP0330 (2)IMGP0335 (2)IMGP0342 (2)IMGP0364 (2)IMGP0370 (2)IMGP0401 (2)DSC00997 (2)

DSC00999 (2)

DSC01000 (2)DSC01001 (2)IMGP0449 (2)IMGP0456 (2)

Starting XI

Owen Finnerty – GK
Will Perkins – D
Josh Wates – D
James Lee – D
Brady Walker – M
Caio Mazzo – M
Benedek Tanyi – M
Shion Soga – M
Kellan Landefeld – M
Bosh Tanyi – F
Zion Beaton – F

IMGP0469 (2)IMGP0482 (2)IMGP0488 (2)IMGP0501 (2)IMGP0531 (2)IMGP0552 (2)IMGP0579 (2)IMGP0591 (2)IMGP0607 (2)IMGP0625 (2)

DSC01005 (2)

Jarret Maki calling the game.

IMGP0698 (2)

City dominated this match.  West Michigan asked no questions of the City defense, while City controlled the midfield and attacking zone.  They finally broke the ice when Kellan Landefeld slotted the ball through the Bearings backline and into the path of the rushing Zion Beaton.  Beaton buried it into the net to give City the 1-0 lead.

IMGP0702 (2)IMGP0802 (2)IMGP0819 (2)IMGP0832 (2)IMGP0906 (2)

After the first 45-minutes, City led 1-nil.

IMGP0950 (2)IMGP1003 (2)

IMGP1008 (2)IMGP1052 (2)IMGP1058 (3)IMGP1083 (2)

In the second half, Keith Larson subbed in for Zion Beaton.  Larson filled the goal-scorers’ shoes when Will Perkins fed the ball to him.  Larson out-hustled the Bearing defenders across goal, then struck it past the keeper. City up 2-nil.

IMGP1182 (3)

IMGP1214 (2)IMGP1216 (2)IMGP1273 (2)

In the 74th minute, Keith Larson sent the ball into the box to Jack Zugay, who was then taken down by the Bearings keeper.  The keeper redeemed himself by making a save on the resulting penalty kick by Will Perkins.

To end the day on an important moment, City scored again in the 82nd minute.  Ryan Dobson, who subbed in for James Lee, sent the ball into the Bearings’ box.  Keith Larson headed it down where Waseem Muthana out-dueled the Bearings’ defenders and scored City’s third of the match.  For Muthana, it was his first goal for City.  Waseem graduated from Hamtramck High School after City made Keyworth Stadium its home.  City’s commitment to the community pays off.

IMGP1297 (3)IMGP1380 (2)IMGP1387 (2)

IMGP1424 (3)

IMGP1385 (2)

IMGP1481 (2)IMGP1588 (2)IMGP1600 (2)IMGP1672 (2)

IMGP1676 (2)

Player of the Match: Keith Larson.

IMGP1702 (2)IMGP1715 (2)

City maintained a perfect 3 wins in 3 games record.  Their next match would be June 15th in Grand Rapids to play the West Michigan Bearings again.


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