Detroit City FC (UWS2) at FC Midland

June 6, 2021
UWS2 2021 Regular Season
Northwood University, Midland, MI

FC Midland 1, Detroit City FC 4
DCFC:  Syd Smith (Brooke Sleeva) 1′
DCFC:  Tori Singstock 22′
Midland: Kaitlyn Dake 58′
DCFC:  Tori Singstock (PK) 78′
DCFC:  Adrianna Mroz 90+’

The day before, three of the four Detroit City FC teams played, accumulating 7 out of 9 points.  The U-23 Men’s Team beat the West Michigan Bearings 3-0 at Keyworth, followed by the Men’s First Team’s 0-0 draw against Stumptown AC.  The Women’s First Team went to Muskegon to play the Risers, and hammered them with a 10-0 victory.

This afternoon, the Women’s Reserve team traveled to Midland to play their second match of the season, with the goal of completing the DCFC weekend with 10 out of 12 points.


Starting XI

Maya Ettenne – GK
Lauren Mark – D
Hannah Jatczak – D
Maddie White – D
Savannah Wallace – D
Kylie Lukowski – M
Abbie Fowler – M
Sydney Hanson – M
Ellie Wardell – F
Kaitlyn Dake – F
Jensen Taylor – F

IMGP3207 (2)

Starting XI

Sarah Hammond – GK
Gabby Tremonti – D
Brooke Honeycutt – D
Julia Stancato – D
Lilian Lucas – M
Natalie Graf – M
Isabella Sabo – M
Hannah Becker – M
Sydney Smith – F
Kayla Addison – F
Brooke Sleeva – F

IMGP3225 (2)IMGP3225 (3)IMGP3229 (2)IMGP3246 (2)

It didn’t take long for City to take command of the match.  In the first minute, Brooke Sleeva intercepted a pass out of the Midland defense and sent a low ball across field into the path of Syd Smith who chipped it over Midland keeper Maya Ettenne.

IMGP3296 (2)IMGP3324 (2)IMGP3338 (2)IMGP3434 (2)

In the 22nd minute, Tori Singstock fired a shot from a good thirty yards out, beyond the reach of Ettenne to double the lead.

IMGP3457 (2)IMGP3459 (2)IMGP3495 (2)IMGP3504 (2)IMGP3525 (3)IMGP3550 (2)IMGP3580 (2)IMGP3589 (2)IMGP3618 (3)IMGP3645 (2)IMGP3649 (2)IMGP3660 (2)IMGP3684 (2)IMGP3734 (2)IMGP3749 (2)

As the halftime whistle blew, City had a 2-0 lead.  The team was controlling the play on the field, and the Northern Guard Supporters started to occupy space in the head of FC Midland coach.


In the 58th minute, a long ball was sent over the top of the City defense.  A Midland player outraced them to the ball and got a shot off that City keeper Sarah Hammond saved.  However the rebound found its way to Kaitlyn Dake who drifted it into the top of the goal to cut City’s lead in half.  But City and the Northern Guard kept up the pressure.

IMGP3765 (2)IMGP3778 (2)IMGP3818 (3)IMGP3851 (2)IMGP3862 (3)IMGP3907 (2)

In the 78th minute, a handball in the box by a FC Midland defender set up this Tori Singstock penalty kick.

IMGP3934 (2)IMGP3976 (3)IMGP4000 (2)IMGP4009 (3)IMGP4029 (2)

City finished the scoring in added time when Adriana Mroz stole the ball from a Midland defender and fired it past Ettenne.

IMGP4048 (2)IMGP4054 (2)IMGP4089 (2)IMGP4110 (2)

To the winners go the three points, and popsicles, supplied by the supporters.

DSC01022 (2)

Player of the Match: Gabby Tremonti,

IMGP4200 (2)

Leftover popsicles for the supporters.

IMGP4214 (3)

This brings the Women’s Reserve Team record to 2 wins in 2 matches.  Their next opponent would be their Keyworth opener on Monday, June 14, 2021 against Corktown AFC.

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