Detroit City FC (UWS2) vs AFC Plymouth

June 22, 2021
UWS2 2021 Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 6, AFC Plymouth 0
DCFC:  Morgan Reitano (Cristina Torres) 24′
DCFC:  Isabella Sabo (Morgan Reitano) 44′
DCFC:  Tori Singstock (PK) 61′
DCFC:  Cristina Torres (Gabby Tremonti) 65′
DCFC:  Katie Coleman 68′
DCFC:  Morgan Reitano (Alison Steglitz) 81′

At the halfway point of the season, the Women’s Reserve team came into the match with 3 wins, a draw, and a loss.

IMGP4207 (3)IMGP4224 (3)IMGP4234 (2)

Starting XI

Allison LaPoint GK
Kylie Sourbeck – D
Emma Lennig – D
Sam Foster – D
Nevada Larson – D
Raegan Hammond – D
Ava Stander – M
Josie Huber – M
Alyssa Pressel – M
Lily Tiplady – F
Erica Toupin – F

IMGP4293 (2)

Starting XI

Sarah Hammond – GK
Gabby Tremonti – D
Brooke Honeycutt – D
Meyah Romeo – D
Keren Maze – D
Natalie Graf – M
Christina Torres – M
Isabella Sabo – M
Katie Coleman – M
Lilian Lucas – M
Tori Singstock – F

IMGP4313 (2)IMGP4349 (2)IMGP4380 (2)IMGP4403 (2)IMGP4408 (2)IMGP4412 (2)IMGP4416 (2)IMGP4427 (2)IMGP4449 (2)IMGP4475 (2)IMGP4516 (2)IMGP4574 (2)IMGP4580 (2)IMGP4618 (2)IMGP4646 (2)IMGP4676 (2)IMGP4677 (2)IMGP4689 (2)IMGP4742 (2)

It was all Detroit City FC in the offensive zone.  Chance after chance.  Shot after shot.  Plymouth’s keeper, Alison LaPoint, kept Plymouth in the match.  But eventually, something had to give.

It was in the 24th minute when Christina Torres passed the ball to Morgan Reitano.  Reitano created space for herself, cutting across the face of the goal along the top of the 18-yard box, leaving Plymouth defenders standing still.  She found an opening and fired a shot high on goal.  LaPoint got her hand to it, but the ball hit the crossbar then dropped down behind the goal line.  The backspin caused the ball to bounce back out into the arms of LaPoint.  The sideline ref called it a goal.  A tough break for LaPoint and Plymouth.

IMGP4819 (2)IMGP4884 (2)IMGP4885 (2)IMGP4928 (2)IMGP4955 (3)

In the 33rd minute, Christina Torres found herself in all alone on LaPoint and beat the keeper.  But not the post.  It struck the near post then crossed the front of the goal.  It skipped away from the far post and trailed along the back line.

IMGP4984 (2)IMGP5080 (2)

Just before the end of the half, Morgan Reitano delivered a corner kick to the unmarked Natalie Graf.  Graf headed it past LaPoint to take City into the locker room with a 2-nil lead.  Things could have been worse for Plymouth, for City had 18 shots with 11 on target during the half.  Plymouth managed two off-target shots in the City end of the pitch.

IMGP5158 (2)IMGP5163 (2)

The second half stuck to the script of the first half, but City scored twice the number of goals.

IMGP5209 (2)IMGP5245 (2)IMGP5261 (2)

In the 60th minute, Christina Torres was taken down in the box by Raegan Hammond, setting up Tori Singstock’s PK conversion.

IMGP5324 (2)IMGP5325 (2)IMGP5338 (2)IMGP5375 (2)IMGP5396 (3)

Five minutes later, Gabby Tremonti sent a long ball from the City side of the center stripe to the top of the box.  Christina Torres brought it down, gave it a touch, then fired it past LaPoint to make it 4-nil.

IMGP5426 (2)IMGP5436 (3)IMGP5455 (2)IMGP5475 (2)IMGP5481 (2)

Three minutes later, Morgan Reitano sent the ball toward goal.  The ball was blocked by a Plymouth defender, but landed for Katie Coleman to direct it into the goal.  Five-nil.

IMGP5525 (2)IMGP5528 (2)IMGP5585 (2)IMGP5594 (2)IMGP5685 (2)In the 81st minute, Morgan Reitano ran onto a pass that Alison Steglitz threaded through a couple of Plymouth defenders and completed the scoring for Detroit City FC.

IMGP5813 (2)IMGP5815 (2)IMGP5855 (2)IMGP5901IMGP5999 (2)IMGP6037 (2)

The Player of the Match was Morgan Reitano.

IMGP6055 (2)IMGP6074

This was such a complete performance by the team against a weaker opponent.  A nice start the second half of the season.

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