Detroit City FC (UWS2) at Michigan Stars

June 20, 2021
UWS2 2021 Regular Season
Michigan Stars Sports Center, Washington, MI

Michigan Stars 1, Detroit City FC 0
STARS:  Ava Bronzetti (Marisa Metzger) Late in the Match

This has been a week.  Since Saturday June 12th, this will be the eighth Detroit City FC match.

June 12:  DCFC (UWS) 1, Corktown AFC 2
June 14:  DCFC (UWS2) 2, Corktown AFC 2
June 15:  West Michigan Bearings 0, DCFC (U-23) 3
June 17:  DCFC (U-23) 2, Livonia City FC 0
June 17:  Legends FC 1, DCFC (UWS2) 3
June 19:  DCFC (UWS) 2, Midwest United FC 3
June 19: Inter Detroit 1, DCFC (U-23) 4

One of those matches was the Women’s Reserve Team playing in Brighton against Legends FC, where they kept the unbeaten streak alive at four matches (3 wins and a draw) with a 3-1 win in Brighton.  The City goals were scored by Lauren Naso, Brooke Sleeva, and Christina Torres.

Unfortunately, this afternoon the streak would end.  Upon this pitch void of team benches and supporter seating, within a dimly lit facility on a humid Sunday afternoon, the match was settled by a late goal scored by the Stars’ Ava Bronzetti.  City played well and had their chances, but the back of the net could not be found.

IMGP3804 (2)IMGP3808 (2)IMGP3818 (2)IMGP3827 (2)IMGP3833 (2)

Starting XI

Sarah Hammond – GK
Grace Philpotts – D
Keren Maze – D
Natalie Graf – D
Meyah Romeo – D
Hannah Becker – M
Bri Rogers – M
Lillian Lucas – M
Katie Coleman – F
Tori Singstock – F
Isabella Sabo – F

IMGP3842 (2)IMGP3898 (2)IMGP3910 (2)IMGP3912 (2)IMGP3941 (2)IMGP3968 (2)IMGP3974 (2)IMGP4027 (2)IMGP4034 (2)IMGP4056 (2)IMGP4064 (2)IMGP4085 (2)IMGP4098 (2)IMGP4105 (2)IMGP4136 (2)

Player of the Match:  Natalie Graff.

IMGP4148 (2)

The team’s record now at three wins, one draw, and one loss, their next match would be at Keyworth Tuesday night against AFC Plymouth.

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