Detroit City FC (NISA) vs FC Buffalo

July 14, 2021
NISA Independent Cup Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 3, FC Buffalo 1
DCFC: Matt Lewis 4′
DCFC: Connor Rutz (Cyrus Saydee) 40′
FCB: Jayson Repine (Hunter Walsh) 56′
DCFC: Matt Lewis (Darwin Espinal) 67′

It was a busy Wednesday for Detroit City FC.

The Men’s First Team opened their account in the NISA Independent Cup Great Lakes Region.  The Independent Cup involves 35 teams across the country, broken down into nine regions with NISA and lower-league independent teams from eight different amateur leagues. Many of those teams come from amateur leagues that have forged affiliations with NISA in the past year.  Like the 2020 Independent Cup, the Great Lakes Region features DCFC with former NPSL and Rust Belt Derby rivals FC Buffalo and Cleveland SC, along with Livonia City FC.  Tonight, FC Buffalo was our guest.

At the same time, the U-23s traveled to Mount Clemens to face Lake St. Clair FC.  It would be a challenge as most of the college players had returned to their schools. Three key players – Keith Larson, Shion Soga, and Josh Wates – and the team’s head coach, Javi Bautista, would not be present at the match as they suited up for the First Team’s contest against FC Buffalo.

Detroit City FC joined with Michigan Humane for the inaugural K9s at Keyworth night, presented by Strategic Staffing Solution. Supporters were encouraged to bring their pups to the pitch and cheer on DCFC. Proceeds from K9 at Keyworth ticket sales benefited Michigan Humane’s mission to change lives in our communities.  You’ll see a lot of doggie photos in this one.

Finally, in a pre-match presentation, the Women’s First Team’s Most Valuable Player was awarded.

IMGP4806 (2)IMGP4811 (2)IMGP4845 (2)IMGP4877 (3)IMGP4902 (2)IMGP4924 (2)IMGP4934 (2)

Players from the Women’s Team took to the pitch for the presentation of the Most Valuable Player award.

IMGP4983 (2)

An announcement was made that Christina Torres was invited to the Uruguay Women’s National Team camp.

IMGP4994 (2)IMGP5008 (2)

The winner of the 2021 DCFC Women’s Team Player of the Year was Madison Duncan!

IMGP5037 (2)IMGP5074 (2)IMGP5100 (2)IMGP5129 (2)IMGP5137 (2)IMGP5179 (2)IMGP5182 (2)IMGP5203 (2)IMGP5242 (2)IMGP5293 (2)IMGP5339 (2)IMGP5359 (2)

Starting XI

Bryce Tramuta – GK
Zach Drayer – D
Robert Williamson – D
Jordan Acevedo – D
Alesio Atzori – D
Aodhan O’Hara – M
Josh Kam – M
Nuukele Gboe – M
Habib Famuditimi – M
Ali Shawish – M
Stefan Copetti – F

Starting XI

Armando Quezada – GK
Matt Lewis – D
Anthony Manning – D
Javan Torre – D
Roddy Green – M
Cyrus Saydee – M
Connor Rutz – M
Javi Steinwascher – M
Jimmy Filerman – M
Yazeed Matthews – F
Darwin Espinal – F

IMGP5402 (2)IMGP5421 (2)IMGP5432 (2)

Matt Lewis provided City with an early lead with a goal in the 4th minute.

IMGP5488 (2)IMGP5495 (2)IMGP5521 (2)IMGP5548 (2)IMGP5609 (2)IMGP5612 (2)IMGP5632 (2)IMGP5643 (2)IMGP5650 (2)IMGP5665 (2)IMGP5673 (2)IMGP5675 (2)IMGP5689 (2)IMGP5715 (3)IMGP5746 (2)IMGP5753 (2)IMGP5805 (2)IMGP5818 (2)IMGP5890 (2)IMGP5904 (2)IMGP5919 (2)

In the 13th minute, a collision resulted in a head injury to Anthony Manning, necessitating a City substitution.  In came U-23 call-up Josh Wates for his first appearance with the First Team.

IMGP6116 (2)

IMGP5924 (2)IMGP5941 (2)IMGP6017 (2)IMGP6030 (2)

In the 40th minute, some pinball action of the ball within the Buffalo box resulted in Connor Rutz’s strike into the back of the net, and City doubled their lead.

IMGP6036 (2)IMGP6066 (2)IMGP6093IMGP6099 (2)IMGP6142 (2)IMGP6167 (2)

Buffalo threatened late in the half with a high hard shot from outside the box that keeper Armando Quezada palmed over the crossbar.  It was the only action Quezada had seen, but gave Buffalo a sniff at goal that they could build on as they went into the locker room.

Halftime saw Women’s Team keeper Gabby Schriver and her dog take the center circle to entertain the crowd.  Then, all the spectating pooches took to the pitch in a mock dog show with Sean Mann our Master of Ceremonies.  Though a bulldog was crowned, all the pups in the SupPAWter Section were winners.

IMGP6193 (2)IMGP6197 (2)IMGP6225 (2)IMGP6327 (2)IMGP6354 (2)IMGP6381 (2)IMGP6393 (2)IMGP6410 (2)IMGP6420 (3)IMGP6428 (2)IMGP6440 (2)IMGP6480 (3)

In the second half, Buffalo picked up their game.  In the 49th minute, Stefan Copetti found himself in alone on Quezada, but Armando rushed out to make a huge save.  Then, in the 56th minute, Hunter Walsh cut down the right side and sent a perfect pass in to Jason Repine who chipped it up over Quezada and into the top corner of the goal to make the score 2-1 in favor of City.

IMGP6539 (2)IMGP6590 (2)

In the 67th minute, Darwin Espinal delivered a corner kick onto the head of Matt Lewis who struck it home, giving City a 3-1 lead.

IMGP6617 (3)IMGP6626 (3)IMGP6651 (2)

Both Keith Larson and Javi Bautista subbed into the match and City closed out the 3-1 victory.

IMGP6654 (2)IMGP6782 (2)IMGP6816IMGP6837 (2)

The Women’s Team joined the Northern Guard Supporters for the final minutes of the match.

IMGP6850 (2)IMGP6861 (2)IMGP6885 (2)IMGP6896 (2)

Player of the Match:  Matt Lewis

IMGP6940 (2)

City won the first of the three Independent Cup matches.  Their next opponent would be Livonia FC on July 28th at Keyworth.

The short-handed U-23 team went into Mount Clemens and came home with a 7-2 drubbing of Lake St. Clair FC.  Waseem Muthana notched four goals and Brady Walker, Zion Beaton, and Amedeo Crovasce each scored.  This brought the U-23’s record to 11 wins and 1 loss.


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