Detroit City FC (NISA) vs New Amsterdam FC

September 11, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 2, New Amsterdam FC 1
NAFC: Shavon John-Brown (Sikele Sylvester) 5′
DCFC: Stephen Carroll (Cyrus Saydee) 13′
DCFC: Connor Rutz 75′


After a successful two-match road trip in Chicago and Chattanooga, it was time for City to return home to Keyworth to host New Amsterdam FC.

City sits comfortably in first place with 13 points (4 wins and a draw).  New Amsterdam is in fourth place with 7 points (2 wins, 2 losses, and a draw).  They are on a two-game losing streak, falling to the Michigan Stars on August 29th (2-0) and the Cal United Strikers on September 4th (4-1).  City has won all three matches they’ve played against New Amsterdam, outscoring them 8-2.

IMGP5830 (2)IMGP5880 (2)IMGP5909 (2)IMGP5922 (2)IMGP5953 (2)IMGP6023 (2)IMGP6030 (2)IMGP6043 (2)IMGP6059 (2)

Starting XI

Sheldon Parkinson – GK
Sikele Sylvester – D
Danny Vicente – D
Javaun Waugh – D
Ojai Bedwerd – D
Nevelo Yoseke – M
Jared Gilbey – M
Jesus Batiz – M
Salvatore Barone – M
Shavon John-Brown – F
Arthur Bosua – F

IMGP6092 (2)IMGP6102 (2)

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Matt Lewis – D
Stephen Carroll – D
Tendai Jirira – D
Kevin Venegas – M
Jimmy Filerman – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Connor Rutz – M
George Chomakov – M
Cyrus Saydee – M
Patricio Botello-Faz – F

IMGP6112 (2)IMGP6129 (2)IMGP6135 (2)IMGP6150 (2)IMGP6168 (2)

New Amsterdam came out strong, pressing and controlling the early minutes of the match.  After a throw-in by Detroit on New Amsterdam’s side of the center stripe, New Amsterdam regained possession.  Sikele Sylvester carried the ball along the far sideline then cut inside.  Losing his balance, he chipped the ball in front of Shavon John-Brown who was between two City defenders.  John-Brown drilled it past Nate Steinwascher to give New Amsterdam an early one-nil lead.

New Amsterdam still dominated the play until the 13th minute when City earned a corner kick.  Cyrus Saydee sailed the ball across the box and Stephen Carroll headed it past Sheldon Parkinson to level the match.

IMGP6192 (2)IMGP6203 (2)IMGP6205 (2)IMGP6239 (2)IMGP6383 (2)IMGP6461 (2)IMGP6483 (2)IMGP6528 (2)IMGP6530 (2)

The play in the remainder of the half was chippy and choppy.  Two NAFC players crashed into the advertising boards, and Parkinson, the keeper, pulled up with a leg injury in the 25th minute.  The back-up keeper on the bench had his shoulder packed in ice, so Parkinson carried on, having defenders take his goal kicks.  New Amsterdam created another pair of chances in the 31st minute when Danny Vicente fired a shot that Nate Steinwascher had to palm away.  On the resulting corner kick, the ball dropped into the eighteen-yard box and was headed on goal, but Steinwascher captured it to prevent a NAFC lead.

At halftime, Friendly met up with the Northern Guard Supporters to give his pants away.

IMGP6549 (2)IMGP6569 (2)IMGP6573 (2)IMGP6582 (2)IMGP6594 (2)IMGP6650 (2)IMGP6698 (2)

With the opening minutes of the second half mimicking the the sluggishness of the first, Coach James made a three-player substitution in the 66th minute.  Yazeed Matthews, Richard Bryan, and Darwin Espinal came in for Cyrus Saydee, Patricio Botello-Faz, and Jimmy Filerman.  The move allowed Tendai Jirira to move up field to make things happen.

IMGP6726 (2)IMGP6747 (2)IMGP6767 (2)

The added speed and pressure led to the game winning goal in the 75th minute.  A throw-in deep in the New Amsterdam zone had Tendai carrying the ball along the near sideline.  A New Amsterdam defender tried to pin him in the corner, but Tendai miraculously got around him, kept the ball from crossing the end line, and sent the ball into the 18-yard box.  The ball found Connor Rutz who took a shot that was blocked.  But it came back to Rutz who then bicycle kicked it into the goal.

IMGP6795 (2)IMGP6796 (2)IMGP6797 (2)IMGP6798 (2)IMGP6799 (2)IMGP6800 (2)IMGP6805 (2)IMGP6814 (2)IMGP6825 (2)IMGP6828 (2)

It was ESPN’s Sports Center #1 highlight of the night.  It was pure magic.  Worth watching over and over.  Here is the video from the Detroit City FC YouTube channel.

There is a reason why soccer is called the beautiful game, and since Trevor James’ arrival Detroit City FC has played the game beautifully.  In three of the last four matches, Detroit City FC have tied or won matches with beautiful goals.  Jimmy Filerman’s match-tying bicycle goal in Irvine, California against the Cal United Strikers; Yazeed Matthews’ scissor-kick score to beat Chattanooga in Tennessee; and this beauty at Keyworth.

Still, fifteen minutes were left to play in the match.

IMGP6875 (2)IMGP6891 (3)

New Amsterdam wasn’t about to give in.  They created an opportunity off a corner kick in the 88th minute, but Nate Steinwascher turned it away.

IMGP6904 (2)IMGP6938 (2)IMGP6958 (2)IMGP6983 (2)IMGP6989 (2)IMGP7002 (2)IMGP7020 (2)IMGP7029 (2)IMGP7053 (2)IMGP7056 (2)IMGP7069 (2)IMGP7075 (2)IMGP7083 (2)IMGP7113 (2)IMGP7116 (2)IMGP7131 (2)IMGP7155 (2)

Player of the Match:  Connor Rutz

IMGP7183 (2)IMGP7199 (2)

Two other matches in NISA were played this evening.  The Maryland Bobcats (our next opponent) got a win on the road, defeating Stumptown AC 1-0.  The Los Angeles Force beat up on the visiting Chattanooga FC by a score of 3-1.  Tonight’s victory keeps City ahead of second place Los Angeles by three points and City has a game in hand.


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