Detroit City FC (NISA) at Chicago House AC

August 29, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Match
SeatGeek Stadium, Bridgeview, IL

Chicago House AC 0, Detroit City FC 1
DCFC: Maxi Rodriguez (PK) 65′

Attendance:  1,013

Detroit brought their 2 win, 1 draw record to Chicago for a Sunday evening match against Chicago House AC.  This was Chicago’s second home match, their first resulting in a 4-0 defeat at the feet of New Amsterdam FC a week ago.  It was also the second match of the season between these two, with Detroit bettering Chicago at Keyworth, 3-2 on August 7th.

It was a rainy afternoon up until the doors to SeatGeek Stadium opened, when the sun made its appearance for the match.



And in the house, there was music.

IMGP2319IMGP2366 (2)IMGP2370 (2)

Easily 10% of the gate receipts came from the Rouge Rovers – the traveling Northern Guard Supporters.

IMGP2385 (2)

Starting XI

Michael Novotny – GK
David Abidor – D
Matteo Kidd – D
Anthony Bowie – D
Rodolfo Sulia – D
Michael Kozielek – M
Andrew Connor – M
Michael Kafari – M
Derek Huffman – M
Musa Morris – F
Wojciech Wojcik – F

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Stephen Carroll – D
Matt Lewis – D
Tendai Jirira – D
Jimmy Filerman – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
George Chomakov – M
Kevin Venegas – M
Connor Rutz – M
Cyrus Saydee – F
Pato Botello Faz – F

Chicago made three changes from the line-up that started the match in Detroit: replacing Stefan Mijatovic, Seo In Kim, and Anthony Smith with David Abidor, Matteo Kidd, and Derek Huffman.  The only change from City’s match against Chicago at Keyworth is that Tendai Jirira started in place of Anthony Manning.

IMGP2448 (2)IMGP2455 (2)IMGP2491 (3)IMGP2493 (2)IMGP2502 (2)IMGP2534 (3)IMGP2571 (3)IMGP2601 (2)IMGP2621 (2)IMGP2636 (2)IMGP2649 (2)IMGP2693 (2)IMGP2728 (3)IMGP2738 (2)IMGP2820 (4)IMGP2841 (3)IMGP2880 (4)IMGP2911 (3)IMGP2917 (3)

After the wide-open match at Keyworth, both teams tightened the defense.  There was still a flow and pace to the match, with City having better control in the first fifteen minutes.  Chicago carried a lot of the play the rest of the half.  The result was a scoreless 45 minutes.

IMGP2982 (2)IMGP3000 (2)IMGP3038 (3)IMGP3041 (3)IMGP3062 (2)IMGP3079 (2)IMGP3098 (2)

The second half began much like the first, with both teams holding possession, pressing forward, but failing to capitalize on any chances.  That is, until the 63rd minute when former DCFC player Michael Kafari took down Maxi Rodriguez in the box, setting up the PK and the match’s only goal.

IMGP3137 (2)IMGP3154 (2)IMGP3175 (2)IMGP3202 (2)IMGP3225 (3)IMGP3266 (2)IMGP3323IMGP3330IMGP3332 (2)IMGP3422 (2)IMGP3439 (2)

Player of the Match:  Maxi Rodriguez

IMGP3458 (2)IMGP3479 (2)

The Northern Guard Supporters and Detroit City FC would sleep well in Chicago this evening, sitting on top of the league with 10 points (3 wins and a draw).


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