Detroit City FC (NISA) vs 1904 FC

August 14, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Match
Championship Stadium at Great Park, Irvine, CA

Cal United Strikers 1, Detroit City FC 1
CAL:  Own Goal 39′
DCFC: Jimmy Filerman (George Chomakov) 63′

Attendance: 653

After the seaon-opening win at Keyworth over Chicago House AC, Detroit traveled to California to play Cal United Strikers.

Starting XI

Steven Barrera – GK
Ayden Bowers – D
Xavier Fuerte – D
Michael Bryant – D
Duncan Capriotti – M
Tony Lopez – M
Christian Theirjung – M
Bryan De LaFuente – M
Garrett Hogbin – M
Omar Nuno – F
Alex Vedamanikam – F

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Stephen Carroll – D
Tendai Jirira – D
Matt Lewis – D
Jimmy Filerman – M
Connor Rutz – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
George Chomakov – M
Kevin Venegas – M
Cyrus Saydee – F
Patricio Botello Faz – F

The first half saw Cal United create several opportunities that forced Nate Steinwascher to make some key saves.  But it wasn’t all Cal United.  City posted up several chances, however Steven Barrera came up with some key saves of his own.  The one stop Nate could not make occurred in the 39th minute when Christian Theirjung crossed a ball in from the right side which Tony Lopez directed toward Bryan De LaFuente, however Kevin Venegas stepped in to direct it away.  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough lift on the deflection and the ball found its way into the roof of the goal, giving Cal United the one-nil lead.

City came back in the second, forcing the play from Cal United.  It took a little magic to equalize.  After a City corner kick, the ball was cleared out to the center line, where George Chomakov gathered it.  He sailed the ball in toward the top and center of the box, beyond the leaping head of Maxi Rodriguez.  It fell inside the box to Jimmy Filerman.  Back to goal, Filerman executed a perfect bicycle kick that Barrera was too late to reach for, the ball sailing in under the crossbar.

The momentum carried City for the next five-ten minutes, creating opportunities to take the lead.  Cal United, weathering the storm, got their game back, and in the final ten minutes both teams had chances to win the match.  Neither team capitalized, so they shared the points.

August 21, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 3, 1904 FC 0
DCFC: Connor Rutz 3′
DCFC: Jimmy Filerman (Connor Rutz) 22′
DCFC: Darwin Espinal 90′

Attendance: 4,664

This evening’s match brought the league-leading 1904 FC from San Diego to Keyworth.  1904’s record was two wins in two matches, with a 3-2 victory over the Maryland Bobcats and 2-1 win over the Michigan Stars.  Detroit had played 1904 FC twice; a 1-0 victory in the Legends Cup in Chattanooga in April, and a 3-1 victory in San Diego during the Spring Season.  This is 1904’s first visit to Keyworth.

IMGP0244 (2)IMGP0253 (2)IMGP0313 (2)IMGP0352 (2)IMGP0356 (2)IMGP0369 (2)IMGP0393 (2)IMGP0437 (2)IMGP0473IMGP0477IMGP0527 (3)IMGP0549 (2)IMGP0569 (2)IMGP0584 (2)IMGP0598 (2)IMGP0652 (2)IMGP0669 (2)IMGP0702 (2)IMGP0708 (2)IMGP0709 (2)IMGP0721 (2)IMGP0750 (2)

1904 FC
Starting XI

Austin Rogers – GK
Desmond Madrigal – D
Dallin Cutler – D
Samuel Strong – D
Ozzie Ramos – M
Romario Lomeli – M
Christian Schneider – M
Suleiman Samura – M
Jerry Desdunes – F
Wolfgang Prentice – F
Matt Hurlow-Paonessa – F

IMGP0782 (2)IMGP0791 (2)

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Stephen Carroll – D
Matt Lewis – D
Tendai Jirira – D
Connor Rutz – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Kevin Venegas – M
Jimmy Filerman – M
George Chomakov – M
Cyrus Saydee – F
Patricio Botello Faz – F
IMGP0850 (2)IMGP0870 (2)

Three minutes into the match, Connor Rutz welcomed the Californians by scoring City’s first goal.  Matt Lewis delivered a long ball into the 1904 offensive zone.  Pato received it, fed it to Kevin Venegas for the give and go.  Pato took the shot, which Austin Rogers saved.  However the keeper left a nice juicy rebound for Connor Rutz to run onto and tap into the goal.

IMGP0884 (2)IMGP0886 (2)IMGP0892 (2)IMGP0957 (2)IMGP0975 (2)IMGP1016 (2)IMGP1018 (2)IMGP1029 (2)IMGP1044 (3)IMGP1117 (2)

City dominated 1904 throughout the half.  The visitor saw a single opportunity in the 11th minute, and a couple more in stoppage time.  But Jimmy Filerman doubled the lead when Connor Rutz passed the ball off to him on a counter attack.

IMGP1200 (2)IMGP1202 (2)IMGP1207 (2)IMGP1277 (2)IMGP1288 (2)IMGP1366 (2)

In June, the Northern Guard Supporters ran their Prideraiser campaign.  Supporters pledged a dollar amount for every goal scored at Keyworth Stadium by the Men’s and Women’s first teams, and the money raised would be donated to the Ruth Ellis Center.  Tonight, the check was delivered. A total of $2,703.08 was pledged per goal.  Eight goals made for a total of $21,625.  However, Detroit City FC corporate partner Ally rounded it up with a contribution that resulted in a $50,000 donation to Ruth Ellis Center.

IMGP1432 (2)IMGP1481 (2)IMGP1514 (2)

In the second half, 1904 pressed early to get back in the game, getting a couple of decent chances in the first ten minutes.  But then it was all City again, under the big orange moon.

IMGP1526 (2)IMGP1539 (2)

Darwin Espinal dropped this beautiful free kick into the goal in the 90th minute to close out the match.

IMGP1676 (2)IMGP1708IMGP1717 (2)IMGP1722 (2)IMGP1733 (2)IMGP1743 (2)IMGP1760 (2)IMGP1871 (2)

Player of the Match: Connor Rutz

IMGP1884 (2)

In other matches around NISA today:

Michigan Stars 0, Stumptown AC 0
Chattanooga FC 3, Maryland Bobcats 0
Chicago House AC 0, New Amsterdam FC 4
Los Angeles Force 1, Cal United Strikers 1

After tonight’s results, City sits in 2nd place with a two-win and one-draw record for seven points, equal to New Amsterdam FC, however their +5 goal differential edges out our +4 differential.


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