Detroit City FC (NISA) vs Chicago House AC

August 7, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Match
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 3, Chicago House AC 2
CHAC: Wojciech Wojcik (Musa Morris) 25′
DCFC: Matt Lewis (Jimmy Filerman) 30′
DCFC: Maxi Rodriguez (PK) 39′
CHAC: Andrew Connor (PK) 49′
DCFC: Anthony Manning 87′

Attendance: 6,076

The new season begins with Detroit City FC hosting the new kid in NISA – Chicago House AC.  On September 10, 202, NISA announced that an investor group, led by NISA founder Peter Wilt, applied for a club to play in Chicago.  After a mediocre Independent Cup showing (a win, a draw, and a loss with a +3 goal differential against two NPSL and an UPSL team) this would be Chicago’s opening match in a NISA season.  Of course they would receive a proper Detroit greeting.



IMGP7731 (2)IMGP7790IMGP7803 (2)IMGP7855 (2)

DSC01325 (2)

IMGP7906 (2)IMGP7920 (3)IMGP7926 (3)IMGP7955 (2)IMGP8029 (2)IMGP8060 (2)IMGP8103 (2)IMGP8144 (2)IMGP8191 (2)IMGP8233 (2)IMGP8306 (2)IMGP8319 (2)IMGP8321 (2)

Starting XI

Michael Novotny – GK
Stefan Mijatovic – D
Rodolfo Sulia – D
Anthony Bowie – D
Seo In Kim – D
Michael Kafari – M
Andrew Connor – M
Michael Kozielek – M
Musa Morris – F
Wojciech Wojcik – F
Anthony Smith – F

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Anthony Manning – D
Stephen Carroll – D
Matt Lewis – D
Jimmie Filerman – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Kevin Venegas – M
Connor Rutz – M
George Chomakov – M
Cyrus Saydee – F
Pato Botello-Faz – F

IMGP8337 (2)IMGP8343IMGP8386 (2)IMGP8438 (2)

For the first quarter hour, it was box-to-box play.  In the 18th minute, Jimmy Filerman was taken down in the box by Anthony Bowie, resulting in a penalty kick.

IMGP8588 (2)

Pato Botello-Faz stepped up to the spot.  However his shot was saved by keeper Michael Novotny.  The save created momentum for Chicago.  They moved up field and held better possession.  In the 25th minute, Musa Morris, from forty yards out, dropped a ball in behind the City defense and onto the foot of Wojciech Wojcik who guided it past Nate Steinwascher to give Chicago a one-nil lead.

In the rare position of being behind, Detroit regrouped and regained control and tempo of the match.

IMGP8532 (2)IMGP8685 (2)

Chicago’s lead was short lived.  In the 30th minute, Jimmy Filerman sent a cross from the top corner of the box to Matt Lewis who headed it past Novotny.

IMGP8744 (2)

IMGP8806 (2)

IMGP8834 (2)

Seven minutes later, as the ball floated into the box on a City corner kick, Rodolfo Sulia sent Pato to the ground, resulting in another penalty kick.  As Maxi Rodriguez placed the ball on the spot, Chicago’s Seo In Kim approached it and kicked the space in front of the ball, earning him a yellow card.  Maxi fired it past Novotny, giving City a 2-1 lead.  The final six minutes of the half remained scoreless.  It was an entertaining half of football which brought smiles to many faces.

IMGP8979 (2)IMGP8983 (2)

The plucky expansion team came out in the second half hoping to at least draw even.  In the 48th minute they captured an opportunity when Nate Steinwascher fouled Wojciech Wojcik in the box, setting up a penalty kick.  Andrew Conner, the first player signed by Chicago House AC, stepped up to the spot and leveled the match at two goals apiece.

It was more box-to-box play but as the clock ticked, Chicago became more defense oriented, hoping to share the points with the NISA champions.

IMGP9190 (2)

But in the 87th minute, Darwin Espinal delivered a ball from a corner kick into the box.  Anthony Manning headed it on goal. Novotny made the save, but Manning guided the rebound past the Chicago keeper, securing the victory.

IMGP9226 (2)IMGP9230 (2)IMGP9272IMGP9275 (2)IMGP9323 (2)IMGP9328 (2)IMGP9334 (2)IMGP9344 (2)IMGP9347 (2)IMGP9361 (2)IMGP9366 (2)IMGP9377 (2)IMGP9385 (2)IMGP9406 (2)IMGP9418 (2)IMGP9435 (2)IMGP9460 (2)

It was a full slate of five matches this opening night in NISA.  The out-of-town results were:

Michigan Stars 3, Cal United Strikers 4
Chattanooga FC 3, Stumptown AC 1
New Amsterdam FC 1, Los Angeles Force 1
1904 FC 3, Maryland Bobcats 2

City’s next match would be next Saturday on the west coast against the Cal United Strikers.

Also, if the math has been done correctly, this is the Unofficial Detroit City FC Digital History’s 200th match involving Detroit City FC clubs [Men’s (169), Women’s (11), U-23 (11) and Women’s Reserve Team(9)].


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