Detroit City FC (NISA) at Stumptown AC

Detroit City took their top-of-the-table show on the road for two matches.  The first was on Saturday, October 16th in San Diego to play 1904 FC.  In the table that Detroit City sat on top, 1904 was the floor with 2 wins, a draw, and 7 losses.  And City has had success over the Californians, winning all three matches they’ve met, outscoring them 7-1.

October 16, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Regular Match
Canyon Crest Stadium, San Diego, CA

1904 FC 1, Detroit City FC 2
DCFC  Connor Rutz (Pato Botello-Faz) 51′
1904  Edward Benito (Ryan Peterson) 62′
DCFC  Stephen Carroll (Kevin Venegas) 70′


1904 FC
Starting XI

Alfredo Cortez – GK
Jonathan Caparelli – D
Dallin Cutler – D
Giovanney Vazquez – D
Gerardo Lopez Delgadillo – D
Khadim Seye – M
Edward Benito – M
Suleiman Samura – M
Cameron Vickers – F
Ryan Peterson – F
Jerry Desdunes – F

Detroit City FC
Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Stephen Carroll – D
Javan Torre Howell – D
Matt Lewis – D
Cyrus Saydee – M
Connor Rutz – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Kevin Venegas – M
George Chomakov – M
Pato Botello-Faz – F
Darwin Espinal – F

One of the 1904 starters was former Detroit City FC forward Ryan Peterson, who scored the winning goal against the Oakland Roots in the 2020 Fall Tournament championship match to capture the first of our collection of NISA trophies.

After a nil-nil first half, City opened the scoring in the 51st minute when Darwin Espinal carried the ball down the left flank.  He fed it through the defense to Pato, who then passed it into the box to Connor Rutz.  Rutz chipped it past the keeper.

1904 equalized in the 62nd minute, when Ryan Peterson, at the corner of the 18-yard box, lofted a ball in toward the goal which found Edward Benito who headed into the net.

City needed only eight minutes to reclaim the lead and secure the win.  A foul on the near sideline resulted in a free kick.  From about forty yards out, Kevin Venegas delivered the ball perfectly into the box for Stephen Carroll to head it past Alfredo Cortez.

Another win on the road for City.  Their next trip would take them to Charlotte, North Carolina to play Stumptown AC in seven days.

In other NISA matches that evening:

Maryland Bobcats 2, Chicago House AC 1
Los Angeles Force 0, New Amsterdam FC 0
Cal United Strikers 1, Stumptown AC 1

October 23, 2021
2021 NISA Fall Season Regular Match
Sportsplex at Matthews, Matthews, NC

Stumptown AC 0, Detroit City FC 3
DCFC  Pato Botello-Faz (Kevin Venegas) 52′
DCFC  Matt Lewis 57′
DCFC  Maxi Rodriguez (Stephen Carroll) 88′


Detroit City FC came into tonight’s match with 10 wins, 2 draws, and a single loss.  And that single defeat was to Stumptown. The 1-nil loss to Stumptown on September 18th broke a 27-game unbeaten streak dating back to September 21, 2020.  Detroit has dominated this league, and losing to Stumptown at Keyworth made this match an important one.  Since Trevor James arrived in Detroit in 2019, only six teams have earned a single win against him (Kalamazoo FC, Cleveland SC, and Milwaukee Torrent in the NPSL; Chattanooga FC, Michigan Stars, Stumptown AC in NISA).  The vibe on the field was that tonight Stumptown would not be the first to win a second.

DSC01897 (2)DSC01915 (2)DSC01916DSC01917IMGP4144 (2)IMGP4155 (2)

Starting XI

Kevin Gonzalez – GK
Rhys Williams – D
Deshawon Nembhard – D
Anthony Legendre – D
Franky Martinez – D
Giovani Bejarano – M
Jared Odenbeck – M
Luis Garcia Sosa – M
Colin Stripling – M
Travis Ward – M
Ismael Longo – F

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Matt Lewis – D
Stephen Carroll – D
Javan Torre Howell – D
George Chomakov – M
Kevin Venegas – M
Jimmie Filerman – M
Cyrus Saydee – M
Connor Rutz – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Pato Botello-Faz – F

IMGP4194 (2)

This was a fantastic match.  Stumptown felt confident because they were at home and had the confidence of the Keyworth win under their belt.  But Detroit turned it up a notch.  Though Stumptown had a few decent chances in the first half, including two big saves by Nate Steinwascher in the 45th minute, City possessed and pressed with intensity.  Despite some excellent chances, like Connor Rutz’s hitting the crossbar after a scramble in the Stumptown box in the 35th minute, and a howitzer by Javan Torre Howell from thirty yards out that Kevin Gonzalez stretched to parry away in the 41st minute, the teams went into the locker room in a scoreless draw.

IMGP4202 (2)IMGP4243 (2)IMGP4279 (2)IMGP4358 (2)

City raised it to another level in the second half, keeping Stumptown on the backfoot.

IMGP4429IMGP4439 (2)

It was only a matter of time.  In the 52nd minute, Kevin Venegas sent a corner kick into the box, but it was cleared out.  Cyrus Saydee passed it back to Venegas as he was coming out of the corner, and delivered another cross into the mix where Pato Botello-Faz headed it past Kevin Gonzalez.


IMGP4484 (2)IMGP4488 (2)IMGP4503 (2)IMGP4524 (2)IMGP4537 (2)

Five minutes later, City was awarded another corner.  Kevin Venegas sliced the ball in.  A Stumptown defender chested it down in front of Matt Lewis who hammered it into the back of the net.


IMGP4573 (2)IMGP4606 (2)IMGP4640 (2)IMGP4651 (2)IMGP4656 (2)

City continued to control possession and the play, giving Stumptown no opportunity to make a comeback.  In the 88th minute, on yet another City corner kick, Stumptown cleared the ball out.  Matt Lewis lofted the ball back in to the box to Steve Carroll.  The Captain headed the ball toward the front of the goal where Maxi Rodriguez chipped it past Kevin Gonzalez for the final lesson of the night.


IMGP4687 (2)IMGP4696 (2)IMGP4701 (2)IMGP4713 (2)IMGP4719 (2)IMGP4721IMGP4724 (2)IMGP4755 (2)

Player of the Match:  Pato Botello-Faz

IMGP4762 (2)

Tonight, City had a point to make.  And they made it quite clear.  Stumptown’s victory in Detroit was lucky; a fluke.  By far, Detroit City FC is the superior team in this league.

A full slate of NISA matches were played tonight.  The results were:

Chattanooga FC 1, New Amsterdam FC 0
Chicago House AC 2, Maryland Bobcats 5
1904 FC 1, Cal United Strikers 2
Los Angeles Force 1, Michigan Stars 1

With tonight’s results and only four matches remaining, City’s 35 points is 12 points ahead of their nearest competitor, Cal United Strikers.

And guess who comes to Keyworth next week?

Polish the trophy and prepare the champagne.  Next week has all the makings of another City championship.


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