Detroit City FC vs 1904 FC (2021 NISA Legends Tournament Semi-Final)

April 22, 2021
2021 Legends Cup Semi-Final Match
Detroit City FC (#2 Seed) vs 1904 FC (#3 Seed)
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

Detroit City FC 1, 1904 FC 0
DCFC Steve Carroll 43′

Yellow Cards:
DCFC Max Todd 33′
1904 Edwin Lara Barrios 84′
DCFC Maxi Rodriguez 90′

IMGP5273 (2)IMGP5298 (2)

1904 FC
Starting XI

Misha Marson – GK
Edwin Lara Barrios – D
Jonathan Stoop – D
Dallin Cutler – D
Eder Arreola – D
Ozzie Ramos – M
Felipe Liborio – M
Faisal Almubaslat – M
Ernesto Espinoza – M
Romario Lomeli – M
Cesar Romero Jr. – F

DSC00668 (2)DSC00669 (2)

Starting XI

Nate Steinwascher – GK
Steve Carroll – D
Matt Lewis – D
Anthony Manning – D
Kevin Venegas – D
Max Todd – M
Connor Rutz – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Cyrus Saydee – M
Patricio Botello Faz – F
Yazeed Matthews – F

IMGP5325 (3)

IMGP5447 (2)IMGP5486 (3)IMGP5426 (3)IMGP5399 (3)IMGP5564 (2)IMGP5543 (3)IMGP5610 (4)IMGP5652 (3)IMGP5709 (2)IMGP5721 (3)IMGP5741 (2)IMGP5758 (3)IMGP5806 (3)IMGP5811 (3)

The deciding goal came in the 43rd minute from a corner kick.  Kevin Venegas delivered the ball to Steve Carroll whose head guided the ball into the back of the 1904 FC net.


In the first half, the pitch tilted Detroit’s way.  Down a goal, 1904 FC battled.  In the end, though, all things were pretty even except for the one City corner kick which resulted in the goal.

IMGP5921 (2)

IMGP5931 (3)IMGP5950 (3)IMGP5993 (3)IMGP6043 (3)IMGP6059 (2)IMGP6070 (2)IMGP6107 (2)IMGP6114 (3)IMGP6115 (2)

1904 FC’s tournament ended with a win, a loss, and a draw.  They would open their spring season in Los Angeles against the Force on May 7, 2021.  Detroit City FC was undefeated, with a 2-win, 1-draw tournament and did not concede a single goal.  In three days, they would play Chattanooga FC for the Legends Cup Final.


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