Detroit City FC (UWS) vs Lansing United

July 10, 2021
UWS Regular Season
Keyworth Stadium, Hamtramck, MI

Detroit City FC 3, Lansing United 0
DCFC: Sarah Huge (Kenna White) 25′
DCFC: Melanie Forbes (Mami Yamaguchi) 44′
DCFC: Kenna White (Melanie Forbes) 58′

Attendance:  3,357

A busy weekend at Keyworth as the scheduling gods bestowed upon us three matches within a 24-hour period.

  1. July 10, 2021, 4:00 PM: Detroit City FC (UWS2) vs Grand Haven Admirals (City won 2-0)
  2. July 10, 2021, 7:30 PM: Detroit City FC (UWS) vs Lansing United.
  3. July 11, 2021, 1:00 PM: Detroit City FC (U-23) vs BIH Grand Rapids.

The final match of the 2021 season for the Detroit City FC Women’s First Team.  A five-win and four-loss record coming in was shy of making the playoffs, but still, the team was impressive in its truly inaugural season.  Their road record was strong, with 4 wins and 1 loss and a goal differential of 23-3 (one match a 3-0 forfeit by Indiana Elite).  Though Keyworth was unfriendly to the visitors, City’s women struggled with a 1 win and 3 loss record.  Boisterous supporters takes a little getting used to.

Lansing United was tonight’s final opponent.  We beat them 6-1 in Lansing back in May.  And not having seen the 10-0 victory in Muskegon, this was probably the strongest performance of the Women’s Team this season.

IMGP1117 (2)IMGP1128 (2)

Tonight would be City’s Captain, Sarah Huge’s, final match of her career.

IMGP1185 (2)IMGP1235 (2)IMGP1300 (2)IMGP1322 (2)IMGP1421 (2)IMGP1424 (2)IMGP1443 (2)IMGP1456 (2)IMGP1477 (2)IMGP1499 (2)IMGP1526 (2)

Starting XI

Madison Clem – GK
Emma Famulak – D
Becca Mindling – D
Alexis Mitchell – M
Alex Thomas – M
Rebekah Cotton – M
Dani Stephen – M
Lexi Ponstein – F
Anna Stinson – F
Kaley Buck – F
Camryn Evans – F

Starting XI

Gabby Schriver – GK
Elisa Baeron – D
Natalie Graf – D
Grace Philpots – D
Rachel Philpots – M
Madison Duncan – M
Ashley Zugay – M
Mami Yamaguchi – F
Sarah Huge – F
Melanie Forbes – F
Kenna White – F

IMGP1532 (2)IMGP1580 (2)IMGP1613 (2)IMGP1668 (2)IMGP1671 (2)IMGP1713 (2)IMGP1794 (2)IMGP1829 (2)IMGP1963 (2)IMGP1967 (2)IMGP2058 (2)IMGP2201 (2)

In the first ten minutes, the match was pretty even, with both teams exchanging chances.  But City settled down and took over the match.  In the 25th minute, Kenna White delivered a ball into the box to Sarah Huge who chipped into the far corner of the Lansing United goal for a storybook opening.  Then, just before halftime, Mami Yamaguchi sent the ball through to Melanie Forbes who fired it past Madison Clem to double the lead.

IMGP2242aIMGP2265 (2)IMGP2304IMGP2319 (2)IMGP2345aIMGP2359 (2)IMGP2379 (2)IMGP2403 (2)

The second half was more of the same.  Lansing tried to get on the board early, but failed.  Then, in the 57th minute, Melanie Forbes sent the ball from the City side of the center stripe beyond a Lansing defender and into the path of Kenna White who ran onto it, took it toward goal, and fired it past Madison Clem for City’s third and final goal of the season.

IMGP2414 (2)IMGP2430 (2)IMGP2470 (2)IMGP2581 (2)IMGP2694 (2)IMGP2715 (3)IMGP2769 (2)IMGP2823 (2)IMGP2834 (2)IMGP2837 (2)IMGP2841 (2)IMGP2856 (2)

Player of the Match – Sarah Huge.

IMGP2904 (2)IMGP2912 (2)IMGP2922 (2)

IMGP2931 (3)

The team’s 6-4 record placed them third in the Midwest North Conference of United Women’s Soccer.  According to the UWS website, Melanie Forbes was the team leader in scoring with 7 goals and 2 assists.

On July 14, 2021, Women’s Team players attended the Detroit City FC First Team Men’s Independent Cup match against FC Buffalo.  Prior to the game was the presentation of 2021 Women’s Player of the Year.


Before that announcement came the celebration of Christina Torres’ call up to the Uruguay Women’s National Team.


The Detroit City FC 2021 Women’s Player of the Year was Madison Duncan!






To conclude the night and the season, the players joined the Northern Guard Supporters to celebrate another Detroit City FC victory.


Already looking forward to the 2022 season.


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