Detroit City FC vs Cal United Strikers (2021 Legends Cup Group Stage)

April 13, 2021
2021 Legends Cup
Detroit City FC vs Cal United Strikers
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

Detroit City FC 0, Cal United Strikers 0

Yellow Cards:
Mitch North Cal 50′
Barnabas Tenyi DCFC 56′

The second match of the first day of the tournament featured Detroit City FC against Cal United Strikers.

IMGP5346 (2)

IMGP5352 (2)IMGP5390 (2)IMGP5408 (2)IMGP5454 (2)

You’ll always find Detroit City FC supporters when the team is on the road.

IMGP5333 (2)

IMGP5482 (2)


Nate Steinwascher – GK
Anthony Manning – D
Stephen Carroll – D
Matt Lewis – D
Javan Torre – M
Kevin Venegas – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
Connor Rutz – M
Cyrus Saydee – M
Javi Steinwascher – F
Max Todd – F

IMGP5490 (3)


Mitch North – GK
Xavier Fuente – D
Michael Bryant – D
Bryan De LaFuente – D
Christopher Klute – D
Duncan Capriotti – M
William Garton Jr. – M
Tony Lopez – M
Christian Thierjung – M
Alex ‘Chile’ Araneda -M
Darwin Lom – F

IMGP5499 (3)IMGP5514 (2)IMGP5526 (2)IMGP5532 (3)

The match did not begin with the teams going through the feeling-out process.  Rather, it was all attack.  Cal United keeper Mitch North was forced to make a save in the 2nd minute on Connor Rutz’s shot.  Then Christian Theirjung created a couple chances.  In the 12th minute, he charged down the left flank and delivered a ball in that was just beyond both Darwin Lom and Billy Garton’s reach.  Three minutes later, Theirjung crossed the ball to eighteen-year-old Alex ‘Chile’ Araneda, but Nate Steinwascher made a spectacular save.  Despite the up-and-down action, neither team could put something together that resulted in a goal in the first half.

IMGP5572 (3)IMGP5576 (3)IMGP5581 (3)IMGP5588 (3)IMGP5591 (3)IMGP5604 (3)IMGP5637 (3)IMGP5666 (3)IMGP5674 (2)IMGP5690 (3)IMGP5694 (2)IMGP5720 (3)IMGP5728 (3)IMGP5740 (3)

In the second half each team kept working, but had no success within the final third.  The best scoring opportunity came in the 67th minute when Yazeed Matthews pressured Cal United’s keeper, Mitch North, into a miscue that almost found the back of the net.

IMGP5773 (3)IMGP5823 (2)IMGP5862 (3)IMGP5864 (3)IMGP5866 (3)IMGP5867 (3)IMGP5868 (3)IMGP5869 (3)IMGP5872 (3)IMGP5881 (2)IMGP5914 (2)

Both teams had one more match each against Stumptown AC. Detroit City FC  played them on April 16th and Cal United on April 19th.


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