Detroit City FC vs Stumptown AC (2021 Legends Cup Group Stage)

April 16, 2021
2021 Legends Cup
Detroit City FC vs Stumptown AC
Finley Stadium, Chattanooga, TN

Detroit City FC 2, Stumptown AC 0
DCFC Yazeed Matthews (Patricio Botello Faz) 57′
DCFC Patricio Botello Faz (Javi Steinwascher) 87′

Yellow Cards:
Detroit City FC Kevin Venegas 82′

Day Two of the Legends Cup kicked off with Detroit City FC versus Stumptown AC.

Stumptown AC calls the Sportsplex in Matthews, North Carolina, southeast of Charlotte, home.  This was their first professional match.

IMGP6501 (2)IMGP6512 (2)


Nate Steinwascher – GK
Anthony Manning – D
Steve Carroll – D
Matt Lewis – D
Kevin Venegas – D
Connor Rutz – M
Maxi Rodriguez – M
George Chomokav – M
Roddy Greene – F
Cyrus Saydee – F
Yazeed Matthews – F

IMGP6528 (2)


Kevin Gonzalez – GK
Robert Hines – D
Travis Ward – D
Giovani Benjarano Navia – D
Jacomb Crim – D
Franky Martinez – D
Alex McGrath – M
Luis Garcia Sosa – M
Ismael Longo – M
Rhys Williams – M
Molley Kieh Karpeh Jr. – F

IMGP6545 (2)

DCFC dominated the first half, but could not get the ball into the net.

IMGP6572 (3)IMGP6595 (2)IMGP6597 (2)IMGP6621 (2)IMGP6671 (3)IMGP6693 (3)IMGP6719 (3)IMGP6744 (2)IMGP6755 (2)IMGP6802 (3)IMGP6824 (2)IMGP6862 (3)IMGP6929 (3)IMGP6937 (3)IMGP6997 (3)IMGP7020 (2)IMGP7021 (3)

At the start of the second half, Coach Trevor James made two substitutions.  Cyrus Saydee and Benedek Tanyi (who had subbed in for Roddy Green in the 25th minute) came out, replaced by Max Todd and Patricio Batello Faz.  It was Pato’s first appearance in the rouge and gold, and it was his goal and assist that propelled City to the 2-0 win.

IMGP7092 (3)IMGP7146 (2)IMGP7155 (3)IMGP7189 (3)IMGP7214 (2)

In the 57th minute, Pato sent the ball down the middle of the field from the center stripe, which Yazeed Matthews ran onto and chipped past keeper Kevin Gonzalez to break the stalemate.

IMGP7235 (3)IMGP7236 (3)IMGP7237 (2)IMGP7283 (2)IMGP7323 (3)IMGP7359 (3)IMGP7442 (2)IMGP7492 (3)IMGP7520 (3)

In the 87th minute, Javi Steinwascher dribbled the ball along the left flank then cut toward the net.  Near the end-line, he passed the ball out front to a wide open Pato, who fired it past Kevin Gonzalez, creating an insurmountable 2-0 lead.

IMGP7557 (3)IMGP7600 (3)IMGP7674 (2)

City’s group-stage matches concluded with a record of a win and a draw, and zero goals against.


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